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BETA Honor Skills

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Welcome to new Honor beta test!

The core rules for the Honor mechanic remain in play but are replaced by any rules listed here.


Each class has one Core Code that is the default for that class at character creation (or in some cases that is granted with their first Title), plus three potential Great Codes, and 9 potential Minor Codes.

Over the full course of level 1-20, Honor classes will choose up to a maximum of 4 Codes. Second and subsequent codes are typically unlocked based on titles. A fourth code can be unlocked at higher levels, however this is optional and only recommended for advanced players. Minor Codes are available after achieving Tier 2 power, while great Codes are available after achieving Tier 4 power and are limited to a maximum of one. Therefore, full four code options are either, Core + Minor x2 + Great codes OR Core + Minor x3 codes.

Code Stacks

In order to fully utilize your chosen Codes you will need to accumulate a resource called code stacks. Each code has its own unique stack to accumulate and spend. This can be tracked directly on your character sheet or by using a colored token of some kind to represent each type of code stack.

Code stacks are gained by passing an Honor test at the start of each of your turns and persist after combat. Attempting to stack a code does not cost you any portion of your turn. Whenever you stack one or more codes, you are free to place it in any Code stack you have available. After completing at least an uninterrupted half-rest, you also gain Code stacks (your choice which types) according to your current Honor:

  • 0-5 = 1 stack
  • 6-10 = 2 stacks
  • 11-15 =  3 stacks
  • 16-20 = 4 stacks
  • Knights always receive +1 more than this

Filter this list by Class to see all available Codes for your class.

Honor Skills

Honor skills are split into three disciplines: Oaths, Virtues, and Code Skills.

At the start of each new day, and at the onset of each new encounter, a single Oath or Virtue may be selected. Once selected its effects remain in play until either a new Oath or Virtue is selected or the character acts in a manner that contradicts or invalidates the particular Oath or Virtue they are currently adhering to.

If an Oath or Virtue is cancelled due to the behavior or actions of the character they immediately lose 1 Honor. They also cannot use that Oath or Virtue again until performing some form of penance or restitution appropriate to that Oath or Virtue, whether personal enforced or as prescribed by an order or institution they belong to.

At character creation you may choose one Oath and one Virtue from your Core Code. New Oaths, Virtues, and Code Skills are awarded each level up from any Code you have selected as follows:

Level Oath Virtue Code Skill*
0 +1 +1
1-10 +1 +1 +1
11-20 +1 odd +1 even +1
Total 16 16 20

*Note: The Rank of any given Code Skill can never exceed your current Tier of Power. (i.e. To gain Rank 2 must be at least Tier 2)

If your particular selection of Codes does not provide you with a unique choice of  a new Oath or Virtue at level up, you can “double up” on an existing Oath or Virtue to make it an Empowered Oath or Virtue, doubling its effects. You cannot choose to empower an Oath or Virtue if there is a viable choice for a new Oath or Virtue that you do not already have.

Full Honor Skill List

Select a Code from the above list for your class and use either the drop down search menu or the search bar below to filter your selection.