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Power Leveling a Character

Realm of Strife™ > Characters  > Character Creation > Power Leveling a Character

When creating a new character at a starting level greater than 1 first create that character as at level 1(including purchasing all equipment), then apply the following:

  • Additional Level Ups (see you Class Codex), up to and including the desired level (when power leveling you may ignore the training costs for new abilities and secondary skills)
  • Applicable Titles as determined by a GM responsible for the character
  • 10% of Initial Gold, per additional level beyond level 1 I.e. for a Human knight gain 30GP per additional level beyond 1 (10% of 300GP)
  • Award items (cumulatively) based on the following levels, where the items (as well as possible craftings/enchantments) are selected at random from a list of at list 4 applicable options:
4Crafted OR Minor Enchanted Item
5Crafted OR Minor Enchanted Item
7Crafted AND Improved Enchanted Item
8Crafted AND Improved Enchanted Item
10Crafted AND Greater Enchanted Item
12Crafted AND Greater Enchanted Item
14Crafted AND Superior Enchanted Item
16Crafted AND Superior Enchanted Item
18Crafted AND Matchless Enchanted Item
20Crafted AND Matchless Enchanted Item