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The Age of Heroes

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The Age of Heroes refers to an early play testing period in Realm of Strife’s development ranging from 2008 to 2011, so named due to the early state of Character Stats and Hit Points that made player characters from that era immensely overpowered in comparison to modern Realm of Strife characters. There were three major campaigns during the Age of Heroes, all of which took place on the Continent of Gant.

The Cult of Cerabus

The first campaign from the age of heroes took place in Western Gant. It included the following heroes, each now living legends in their own right:

  • Sergeant Taylor Lewis, Human Soldier of Almsberg and owner of Lewis Threads
  • Ebonethia Sablewood, exiled Wild Elf Priestess of the Sablewood Tribe and convert of the Church of the One God
  • Seleena Rainmaker, Ralgor Dwarf and Druidess of the Conclave of Vahlin’s Earth
  • Bloodbrood the Cleaver, Minotaur Battlemage and former prisoner within the labyrinth of the Blood Shrine of Cerabus 

The details of that campaign, which concludes with the defeat of the renegade Druid Cult Leader Fulgrum Underthorn and the return of the Demon Prince Cerabus to the continent of Gant, are documented here: The Cult of Cerabus

The Sceptre of Necrodark

The second campaign, which occurred simultaneous to the first, took place in Eastern Gant. It included the following heroes, most of whom perished in the final battle at the foot of the undead fortress of Necrodark:

  • Sarasith the Celestial High Elven Mage of the Starspire College
  • Roginn Hathlheftin, Centaur Vigilante and Peoples Champion
  • Kal Emdar, Centaur Paladin of the Order of the Red Hawk
  • Silus of the Blackhand, Halfling Assassin
  • Arolthus the Half-orc, Holy Zealot and Commander of the Vesticar Remnant
  • Mute of the Athel-Leaf Tribe, Wild Elf Ranger and Ranger Captain of the Guardians of Athelnon

This campaign began with the chance unearthing of the powerful undead relic known as the Sceptre of Necrodark  and concluded with the fall of Vesticar to undead legions under the command of Deathlord Archibald. The details of that campaign are documented here: The Sceptre of Necrodark

The War of the Twin Terrors

The third campaign combined characters from both previous campaigns as the two story lines collided. The first Terror being that of the Demon Prince Cerabus, and the second being the Undead Legions of Necrodark. This campaign saw the entire continent plunged into war, as the Republic of Gant and its allies found themselves under attack by demons and cultist in the west and undead in the east. The campaign included a modified “Large Scale Battle” version of Realm of Strife where players controlled hundreds of models at a time.

The details of that campaign are documented here (in DRAFT): War of the Twin Terrors DRAFT

Sarasith Reprised

After drifting in and out of vague and convoluted dreams for what seems like an eternity, Sarasith awakens, sure that he has just heard someone call his name. However he is greeted only by an eerie silence and soft violet light, emanating from all around him. Observing his surroundings he finds himself in a large circular room, devoid of any windows, doors or furnishings, save for the large slab upon which he lays. The slab seems to be made of polished granite, streaked with veins of amethyst, matching the floor, walls, and ceiling all around him. It seems familiar, yet foreign at the same time.

As he slowly and tentatively rises from the slab he inspects his person. He is clothed in the same enchanted robes that he last remembers wearing, in what’s seems like another life, one not his own. But unlike that past life his body bears none of its defects, his face is unmarred, his body unbroken, and even his missing leg seems to have return to its rightful place.

As he stands to his feet, his body seems unsure of itself, as though it no longer remembers how to stand on two legs of flesh and bone. Sarasith stumbles and suddenly finds himself wishing he had his staff to lean on. As though the very thought has conjured it into existence his staff appears in his hands and he prevents himself from falling at the last moment by leaning on its comforting presence. As the fog recedes from his thoughts and his wits return to him, he is left with a singular thought.

Where am I?”