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Bar Fighting

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If and when you get into a bar-fight combat operates differently than true combat. Once the first blow is thrown and then returned everyone involved then takes there turn in descending order of Initiative, there are no ‘sides’ in a bar room brawl. During your turn you may only move and attack, instants cannot be used nor do they apply. Bar-fighting combat then follows these steps:
1. Select attack from ‘Bar Fight Moves’ table (if drunk to degree 5 or more you must select attacks randomly by rolling 1d20)
2. Roll greater than the difficulty value of the selected attack on 1d20 (be sure to apply the + to difficult roll indicated on the ‘Bar Fight Hit Table’ if your Agility is 10 or more points higher than the opponents Dodge), if you fail then you automatically default to a Jab
3. Roll equal to or greater than the number indicated on the ‘Bar Fight Hit Table’ (1 is always a failure and 20 is always a hit) to see if the move hits. If not your turn is done.
4. Roll to knock out your opponent based on the percentage in the ‘Bar Fight Moves’ table modified by your Strength stat (i.e. Human with strength 16 lands an Upper Cut therefore there is a 21% knock out chance)
5. Opponent rolls vs. Stamina to see if they can stave off the knock out(apply modifiers for ‘Degrees of Drunkenness’ table), if successful they must still spend your whole next turn recovering and with dodge effectively reduced to 1 during that time. Only one knock out save is allowed per fight.

Bar Fight Moves

  • some moves depend on situation and can have unique consequences

Bar Fight Hit Table

  • + values indicate a bonus to your difficulty roll