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Bar Fighting

Realm of Strife™ > Bar Fighting

If and when you get into a bar-fight combat operates differently than true combat. Once the first blow is thrown and then returned everyone involved then takes rolls an Initiative Score and follows the rules for Turn Order. During your turn you may only move and attack, instants cannot be used nor do they apply. Bar-fighting combat then follows these steps:

  1. Select attack from ‘Bar Fight Moves’ table (if possessing 4 or more stacks of Drunkenness must select attacks randomly by rolling 1d20)
  2. Roll greater than the difficulty value of the selected attack on 1d20. If you fail, instead of using the selected move, default to a Jab.
  3. Once the bar fighting move is locked in, roll to hit by taking an Agility vs Dodge stat roll off. If winning the stat roll-off you hit, if it is a tie or failure you miss and your turn is done.
  4. If you hit, then roll a Strength vs. Stamina stat roll-off to see if you to knock your opponent out. Be sure to ad your K.O. modifier (advantage or disadvantage) base don’t he bar fighting move used. If the opponent has 3 or more stacks of Drunkenness they add Advantage to their roll accordingly. If winning the stat roll-off they are knocked out, if it is a tie or failure they are not knocked out.

Bar Fight Moves

d20MoveDifficultyK.O. Modifier
1slap, pinch, scratch, etc…auto-5 Disadvantage
2punch (jab)1 (default)-3 Disadvantage
3punch (hook)2n/a
4punch (uppercut)3+1 Advantage
5headbutt4+2 Advantage
6elbow5+3 Advantage
7hip toss6+4 Advantage
8close line7+5 Advantage
9sparta kick8+6 Advantage
10backhand9+7 Advantage
11knee to groin/face10+8 Advantage
12 mug/bottle smash 11+9 Advantage
13double fist hammer12+10 Advantage
14 head smash on table 13+11 Advantage
15chair/stool smash14+12 Advantage
16tornado toss15+13 Advantage
17sucker punch16+14 Advantage
18flying double-leg drop kick17+15 Advantage
19bar room slide18+16 Advantage
20toss through window/door19 +17 Advantage

Note: some moves may depend on the situation and environment and can have unique consequences at a GMs discretion