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Beast Armor

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Beast armor is armor that is specifically designed for the anatomy of creatures which are considered prone rather than upright. Most beasts in the wild would never wear armor, however when domesticated or used as mounts, beasts may sometimes wear armor.

Anthromorph races often use beast armor in some of their slots to better suit their unique anatomies. See Racial Passives for more details.

Basic Armor Types & Styles

Beast Armor is generically grouped the same way as standard armor, by four types, each with several styles within that type.

Type Style Description
Cloth Cloth standard cloth
  Quilted layered cloth stuffed with other materials
  Ironweave metallic filaments woven into cloth, very expensive (leather alternatives are much cheaper if you can use them)
Leather Leather standard leather created from tanning animal hide
  Ringmail metallic rings sewn onto a leather foundation
  Studded metallic studs riveted into a leather foundation
  Splinted long vertical strips of rigid material attached to a backing, mostly for limbs
  Boiled thick leather boiled in water, molded into larger plates to fit as needed
Mail Scalemail overlapping rigid scales laced onto a backing (can be made from Dragon Scales)
  Chainmail small metal rings linked together in a mesh, usually worn under plate armor
  Lamellar small rigid plates laced together; flexible but expensive to manufacture
  Platemail rigid plates held together by chainmail
Plate Mirror Armor single large rigid plates or disc
  Laminar horizontal bands or overlapping rows of rigid plate, stiff but reliable
  Brigandine cloth or leather lined with small plates riveted into the fabric
  Plate Armor large rigid plates, formed to various parts of the body, worn over fabric
  • Cloth armor is crafted by Tailors
  • Leather armor is crafted by Leatherworkers
  • Mail and Plate is crafted by Armorsmiths

Armor Glossary

Noisy EFFECTS MOUNT & RIDER, disturbs or conflicts with some class mechanics.
Focus, Spirit, Faith: -1 to hit & -1 crit% (per piece)
Stealth: -1 disadvantage (per piece) for all Stealth tests and +1 advantage (per piece) for anyone trying to detect you while you are hidden.
These effects stack if layering noisy armor on top of other noisy armor.
Stiff Reduces agility & dodge and any associated bonuses (-1 each per piece), stacks if layering
Double Layer Top over Base or Mid over Base only, (Top over Mid not allowed).
Reduces chance to hit and crit with physical attacks (-1 per slot where a double layer exists)
Triple Layer Top with mid over base.
Reduces movement & chance to hit and crit% with physical attacks (-0.5 move & -2 hit/crit% per slot where a triple layer exists).
Stacks with penalties from Double Layer.
Base Layer Can be worn on its own or underneath Mid and/or Top layers
Mid Layer Canb be worn on its own, over a Base Layer and/or under a Top Layer
Top Layer Can be worn on its own or over a Base Layer OR a Base-Mid Layer.
CANNOT be worn as Mid-Top without a Base Layer.
Layer nomenclature Top w/ Mid over Base (i.e. Plate w/chain over quilted).
Top over Base (I.e. Lamellar over Cloth)
Mid over Base (i.e. Chain over Quilted)

Note: when layering armor, Craftings and Enchants only apply on the top most layer, any layers below are ignored

Armor by Slot

There are eight standard armor slots that a character can equip armor in.


  • Prices and armor values are the same regardless of the number of legs that a mount possesses
  • Beast leg armor can be layered


  • Equivalent to the torso slot for standard armor, but generally assumed to be the breast or fore quarters of the beast
  • Beast chest armor can be layered


  • Generally considered to be the rump or hind quarters of the beast
  • Mount shoulder slots may have up to a triple layer, however the associated penalties apply
  • Beast shoulder armor can be layered


  • Beasts can not wear armor in their foot slot, however domestic horses suffer -1 movement if they do not have horse shoes in this slot
  • Some mounts may also be able to equip specialized horseshoes to provide minor combat bonuses
  • See the “Livery Shop” on the Equipment/Items page for more info on Horseshoes


  • Beasts do not have a “hand” slot and therefore cannot equip anything in this slot


  • Beasts generally do not have a “arm” slot or in some cases the arm and leg slots are grouped together, regardless, beast armor can not equipped in this slot
  • In some cases wings can be considered an “arm” slot however wing armor does not exist outside of natural creature armor


  • For most beasts the Neck slot is not just another trinket slot for things like amulets or pendants, but rather an armor slot unto itself
  • Some beasts may not have a neck slot based on their anatomy (i.e. Giant Spider mounts don’t wear “Neck” armor)
  • Beast neck armor can be layered


  • Beast head armor can be layered


  • The Back slot is assumed to roughly represent the area where a saddle would normally be placed therefore it is sometimes referred to as the “Saddle” slot
  • Beast back armor can be layered
  • If using a saddle, it is placed in the top-layer, and therefore negates the ability to have armor int eh top layer in this slotSaddles and riding saddles prevent any armor from being placed in this slot
  • War saddles are the only saddle that can be used if choosing to put mount armor in this slot
  • Mount back/saddle slots can not be layered
  • See the “Livery Shop” on the Equipment/Items page for more info on saddles

Beast Armor List

  • Prices listed are buying prices for normal market conditions, assuming a Medium sized beast
  • Sell price is 10% of buying price under normal market conditions
  • add 10% for Large beasts (i.e. Rhino, Pterradon, Wyvern)
  • subtract 10% for Small beasts (i.e. Strider, Giant Spider, Komodo Dragon, Great Eagle, Cuoatl)
  • prices are listed as GP.SP (where 10 SP = 1 GP)