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Advanced Crafting

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Advanced Crafting represents the work of Tailors, Leatherworkers, Weapon Smiths, Armor Smiths and Tradesmen/Craftsmen who are highly skilled in their craft. This allows them to apply advanced attributes to weapons, armor, and items (recorded as a prefix) at the time that the weapon, armor, or item is originally crafted. Advanced Craftings can not generally be removed without completely destroying the weapon, armor, or item.

In order to apply advanced craftings as a prefix to a weapon, armor piece, or other item, an appropriately skilled craftsman (with Secondary skills such as Armor Smith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Weapon Smith, etc…) must be present. This could be a PC with the matching secondary skills or an NPC. The PC/NPC must have an appropriate schematic/recipe or previous knowledge/experience with the crafting before they can apply an advanced crafting to an item.

The type of craftsman depends on the the item being crafted, while the Rank of the matching Secondary Skill grants access to increasingly skilled recipes:

  • Journeyman: Up to Tier 2 Advanced Craftings
  • Artisan: Up to Tier 3 Advanced Craftings
  • Master: Up to Tier 4 Advanced Craftings

Advanced Craftings List

Note: Pricing for all types of Dragonscale craftings is based largely on the materials required, as Dragon scales are increasingly rare to find available on the market as you move from Wyrmscale towards Dragonscale. See Dragonscale Crafting for details.