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Includes a variety of aberrant manifestations of the Realms of Origin, that should not exist yet somehow still do. Unlike Denizens which call the Realms of Origin their true homes, these creatures don’t quite belong anywhere. While they often evoke powers akin to the Realms of Origin that sired them, they are not believed to exist there. Instead, the most common theory is that they sprang into being shortly after the Downfall, in that time when Creation was marred and split asunder, the Realms of Origin bleeding together to create the Realm of Strife. Often seeming utterly alien to the natural world, they can be extremely dangerous and follow motives that are just as alien to understand.

The Codex of Creation separates Aberrations into several Metagroups, each with common characteristics:



Slimes are believed to an aberrant manifestation of loose spiritual energy that bled from one of the Realms of Origin and merged with the substance of creation to take form in the Realm of Strife. Seemingly mindless and predatory, Slimes are not dangerous unless they grow to a sufficiently large size. In their rest state, slimes typically appear as puddles of liquid or a slimy sheen covering some other object or surface. However, when agitated or sensing prey they typically draw themselves up into vaguely spherical or cube like blobs. Even in this state however their form shifts and undulates at will, particularly when attacking.

Slimes can rapidly form appendages called a pseudopods to strike at their foes or even launching their entire body as a projectile attack. They are often quite fond of enveloping or latching onto their prey, particularly if they sense a food source.

The body of most slimes contain digestive fluids that can rapidly consume certain materials and convert them into energy. The slime then uses this energy to reproduce itself through a process of mitosis, splitting in two to form a copy of itself. Those objects or materials that cannot be digested by a slime are often found suspended within their amorphous bodies in relatively pristine condition.

In certain circumstances slimes can be beneficial creatures, used to clean or scour unwanted debris from a clever creatures den or a mad mages dungeon.


Similar to slimes but formed of blood


Lithokind is a metagroup that describes creatures of living stone or at least so like stone in appearance that they are often mistaken for it.


Crystalline Constructs

Living crystalline constructs that often seek to mimic bestial or insect like forms.


Various types of outlandish creatures with bizarre and/or amalgam forms.

Codex of Aberrations

The Codex of Aberrations is the master list of all aberrations available to Realm of Strife GMs. It does not contain all known aberrations, but the list continues to expand as designers create new entries in the codex.

If you are looking for an aberration that does not appear in this list please contact us and request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.