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Weapon Specialist

Weapon Specialist Skills allows the user to master the art of fighting with a particular type of weapon. However such is the dedication required to specialize in a particular weapon type, most classes may only ever specialize in one type. Soldiers and Barbarians are an exception to this rule and may Specialize in up to two different types of weapons if spending the appropriate amount of Secondary Skill Points.

The Weapon Specialist secondary skill is typically recorded on your character sheet as a compound skill name (i.e. for Swords, it would appear as Weapon Specialist – Swords, or Weapon Specialist (Swords), Weapon Specialist: Swords, or simply Sword Specialist). Unarmed attacks can not benefit from Weapon Specialist.   Any modifiers or skills gained through Weapon Specializations only apply while fighting with that specific weapon type Specialization. If for some reason during combat you no longer meet the requirement for that Weapon Specialization (i.e. Sword Specialist is disarmed and forced to switch to a back up weapon such as a Knife) all benefits immediate cease until the condition is met again.


Advanced training in the use of knives.


Advanced training in the use of swords. Applies to both one and two handed swords.