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The island nation of Kazan is home to the unique race of bird-men called the kayden. Made up of seven powerful clans, each makes its home in the towering roosts that surround the rocky island. The mightiest of the seven clans rises up to rule all of Kazan from the capital city of Kaydenza. While there is presently an uneasy peace between the kayden and their neighbors, there is a long history of border skirmishes—particularly with the humans of the province of Northvarn. Kazan itself has been deemed unconquerable; how can you invade a nation that has no roads?

Current Ruler: Grand Vizier Etra’vorn of Valkari Roost

The Great Roosts of Kazan

Beornen Roost

Patron god: Xergess, god of War and Victory
Favored Class Mechanic: Fury (Barbarian, Warrior, Zealot)
Pureblood Plumage: Dark red, with black and/or silver markings

Medgewani Roost

Patron god: Hanallia, goddess of Life and Fertility
Favored Class Mechanic: Vigor (Soldier, Warrior, Guardian, Cleric, Marksman)
Pureblood Plumage: Dark green, with bright markings varying from orange, yellow, and blue

Stalika Roost

Patron god: Bothren, god of the Earth and Underworld (extremist followers sometimes known to clip their wings or even cut them off entirely as a sign of devotion)
Favored Class Mechanic: Spirit (Druid, Assassin, Runeweaver)
Pureblood Plumage: Various earth tones

Zilfari Roost

Patron god: Daldrixus, goddess of Mischief and Indulgence
Favored Class Mechanic: Stealth (Thief, Swashbuckler, Assassin, Ninja)
Pureblood Plumage: Black, sometimes have dark grey markings

Valkari Roost

Patron god: Agathreus, god of Ingenuity and Art
Favored Class Mechanic: Honor (Guardian, Swashbuckler)
Pureblood Plumage: White, with red markings

Falwari Roost

Patron god: Shedra’tor, goddess of Wisdom and the Hunt
Favored Class Mechanic: Focus (Martial Artist, Marksman, Runeweaver, Shaolin, Ninja)
Pureblood Plumage: White, speckled with greys, blacks, browns

Vedren Roost

Patron god: Kalain, god of the Sky
Favored Class Mechanic: Faith (Priest, Zealot, Cleric, Druid, Shaolin)
Pureblood Plumage: Blue, with yellow/gold markings

In all the long history of Kazan, Vedren Roost has never been the ruling roost, however it is arguably the most influential roost in all of Kazan. As the traditional keepers of the Kayden faith, only Kayden with Vedren blood can truly tap into the Faith powers. Those gifted among them become priests, zealots, clerics, druids, or shaolin. While each Roost has it’s own temples, dedicated to their own patron god or goddess, they are all operated by Vedren Roost, and only pure blood Vedrens are allowed to advance beyond the second rank of the temple. Because of this the highest ranking officials in all the temples, in every Roost throughout Kazan, belong to Vedren Roost. Thus Vedren Roost maintains its position of influence.

The true power of Vedren Roost however lies with the Zacharim, the High Priesthood of Kazan. The best and the brightest are drawn from temples throughout Kazan to become part of the Zacharim. Centered in Kaydenza (the High Roost), the Zacharim Council is second in power only to the ruling roost, and command respect and fear throughout Kazan.