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No one is sure how long ago the Downfall occurred. But in the countless eons since, there have been further alterations to the Third Creation. Typically this results in further degradation of the physical Substance of these beings, but also can effect their Spirit and more often, their Souls. But however corrupt or cursed their souls may be, the presence of a Soul ensures that these monstrosities remain a part of the Third Creation.

The Codex of Creation separates Monsters into Metaraces, based on those that are Cursed and those that are Mutants.


Many of the monsters that plague the Realm of Strife where once humanoids like any other, but due to effects of a powerful curse become something monstrous to behold.


Lycanthropes, or were-creatures, are beings of the third creation that have been infected with an ancient and powerful curse. The origins of this curse are unknown, but if unchecked it can spread rampantly and even afflict entire communities. Lycanthropy is said to “bring the beast out of the man” and causes a shape-shifting effect on those infected, turning them into a hybrid form of humanoid and beast. This transformation is hideous to behold, and takes a few moments as the body stretches and rearranges itself. Often this is the only chance those nearby have to escape a gruesome death. The most common type of Lycanthrope seems to be that of a Werewolf, but many known variants exist based on different types of beasts. Regardless of the variant, the initial stages of the  curse seem to be connected to lunar cycles.

The curse itself seems to be passed on by the cursed wounds inflicted by Lycanthropes. Anyone wounded by a Lycanthrope and managing to survive the ordeal, will manifest the curse on the next full moon. While Humanoids are the most susceptible to being infected by the curse, Greenskins have been infected on occasion. Anthromorphs are immune to the Curse of Lycanthropy, likely due to the bestial form they already possess. There is no record of any creature outside of the Third Creation ever having been infected, and other Cursed creatures such as Vampires also seem to be immune. Some of the known variants or “sub-species” of Lycanthrope are:

  • Wererat
  • Werewolf
  • Wereboar
  • Werepanther
  • Werebear

Lycanthropes are further classified based on the followings stages:


All Lycanthropes begin in the Lunar stage. Lunar Lycanthropes only turn during full moons and have little to no recollection of their activities while turned. While turned they are mindless and hungry, seeking only to kill and eat. Luckily most do not survive an encounter with Lunar Lycanthrope, preventing the curse from spreading to quickly.


Feral Lycanthropes lose all control and are permanently turned, becoming malevolent and bloodthirsty beasts. They live not only to kill and eat, but also to spread their curse, making them extremely dangerous. Little to nothing of their previous life remains and it becomes nearly impossible for them to ever comeback from this Feral state.


Quelled Lycanthropes are those who have resisted the curse and in time learned to control it. Some even gain mastery over their curse and can turn at will. Quelled Lycanthropes largely retain their former selves while turned and can use their hybrid form to great advantage, however there is always a risk that turning may cause a Quelled Lycanthrope to become Feral (advanced 5%, elder 2%, ancient 1%). As such all but the most ancient of Quelled Lycanthropes will only turn if the need is dire. Often Quelled Lycanthropes will live togtehr in remote communities, assisting one another with their mutual condition and preventing their Curse form spreading.

Additional Rules…
  • Curse of Lycanthropy: The “curse” is passed on when a Lycanthrope wounds (draws blood) but does not kill a victim. It doesn’t matter if they are in their humanoid or hybrid form, the curse can still be passed on.
    • The Curse allows a single Natural resist roll upon infection (not demonically induced). If resisted the victim may have no knowledge of what they resisted (particularly if infected by the humanoid form of a Lycanthrope)
  • The Truth in Death: When slain in hybrid form Lycanthropes revert back to their original form.
  • Horrific Transformation: When a Lycanthrope shapeshifts (turns), any target with 12″ that has LoS  must pass an Resolve test or roll 1d6 where:
    • 1-3 = can’t move or take any action until passing an Resolve test or taking damage
    • 4-5 = must move directly away from Lycanthrope until passing an Resolve Test or taking damage
    • 6 = gain +2 damage but -5 hit for physical attacks against the Lycanthrope for the remainder of battle and need not take another Resolve test from a Lycanthropes transformation


The gorgon curse effects only females, transforming them into monsters with serpents for hair. Most dangerous of their powers is the ability to petrify flesh with their cursed gaze.

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The cursed form of a naga resembles that of a giant serpent with a humanoid head. Though the exact origins of their cursed existence are unknown, some theories suggest spirit naga are born of a dark ritual practiced by the Ssalani, cursing other creatures of the Third Creature into an immortal serpentine existence.

This is evidenced by the way the Ssalani seem to both revere and enslave Spirit Naga, treating them almost as divine creatures. Spirit naga are spiteful and brutal creatures, taking out the torment of their cursed existence on anyone they can. They have an uncanny ability to be charming, despite their vile appearance, an possess a dangerous hypnotic gaze. They use this to their advantage to charm and enslave their foes before using them to further their own sadistic and esoteric goals. Some scholars suspect that a spirit naga’s thirst for magic and magical artefacts is caused by an underlying thought that somewhere out there exists a magic powerful enough to remove their curse and end their immortal existence.

Whether this same process results in the the creation of other forms of naga, such as the Guardian Naga is unknown. While rarer that the Spirit Naga, Guardian Naga are typically good natured creatures despite their curse, and will devote themselves to the protection of sacred sites or powerful artefacts, seeing their  immortal curse as a gift that allows them to protect that which is most important to them.


Mutants are beings of the Third Creation that we mutated by errant magic, powerful biological forces, or some other unknown power. Regardless of the source of the mutation, it alters their original form in heinous and monstrous ways, often granting otherworldly abilities and power, or sometimes just enormous size.


The Cthulid are a race of powerful but reclusive psionic beings. They come in a variety of forms, but always bearing tentacles of some kind. Their souls have been utterly corrupted by some ancient and unknown being, and they seek to enslave and enthrall what they seeas the lesser races of the Third Creation. Their evil and malice is only matched by their hunger for ripe brain tissue.

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The Wilderkin are believed to be  humanoids that were mutated by powerful primal and elemental forces, taking on characteristics of the lands in which they inhabited in ancient times. This has granted them some extraordinary abilities, but also diminished their intelligence to the point where they could easily be mistaken for primitive creature of the second creature. Common examples would be Yetis, Sasquatch, and Bogmen.

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Ogre, Mutant

Among the Greenskin races, their are several known mutated versions of Ogres. Most common are the Goliath Ogres, said to have been mutated with giant’s blood. Towering over their pure blood cousins they make for an impressive foe, particularly so when equipped for war such as dreaded Besieger. Mutant subspecies such as the Cyclops or Triclops are even more rare, and as such, even more dangerous. The more aberrant the form, the less likely the creature possesses any semblance of intelligence.

Codex of Monsters

The Codex of Monsters is the master list of all Monsters available for encounters and roleplaying for Realm of Strife GMs. While the framework for all known and theorized Monsters exists, not all entries are currently complete. The Codex of Monsters continues to expand as designers create new entries.

If you are looking for a Monster that does not appear in this list please contact us and request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.