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Northern Frontier

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The Northern Frontier is an uncivilized strip of land pressed between the Icewall Mountains and the northern borders of Tolgatha and Angveldt. The frontier towns and villages either cling to the frigid shores of the Frostknife Inlet or wander up the rugged river valley of the great Whiterush, whose majestic pale-blue waters run down from the mighty Icecrawl Glacier. The area is rich in natural resources but lacks any sophisticated form of government. It is a dangerous land where giants are said to tread and where bandit gangs hold sway. Perhaps more dangerous still are the Fjords of Anak to the northwest, the homeland of the half-giant race known as the anakim.

Current Ruler: None, local governments only


  • Whiterush Valley
  • The Highgreen Forest
  • The Fjords of Anak
  • Frostknife Inlet
  • Aurimani Desert
  • Exiles Run
  • Icecrawl Glacier


Fort Eisenmoor

Fort Eisenmoor is a sprawling frontier town perched above the steep shores of the Frostknife Inlet. It is the largest fortified community in the Northern Frontier, and the unofficial capital of the region. It is centrally located along the Frontier Trail, the primary roadway connecting most of the towns and villages of the Northern Frontier. Fort Eisenmoor also boasts the largest port along the Frostknife Inlet, strategically placing it at the heart of all land and water-based trade. Read more…

Gruff northern merchants, hunters, fishers, and trappers all flock to this trade hub, bringing tales from the far corners of the Northern Frontier to Fort Eisenmoor’s many taverns and taprooms. Dwarven traders and craftsmen can often be found in Fort Eisenmoor, keen to bring the wealth of nearby Angveldt to market. Anakim are also not uncommon, wandering east up the Frostknife Inlet to seek employment as sellswords and bodyguards. With no standing armies outside of the local garrison and town watch, there is plenty of work for mercenaries in the north, and Fort Eisenmoor is the preferred place to secure new contracts.

The town itself is named for the Eisenmoor family, the town’s founders, and long-standing hereditary commanders of the garrison under the title of Sheriff. While the town is run by a duly elected Mayor and town council, the Sheriff of Eisenmoor operates behind the scenes, wielding the true authority.  Though the Sheriff, and thus the Eisenmoor family itself, publicly report to the Mayor’s office, the Mayor and town council would quickly lose the confidence of the townsfolk without the protection of the garrison. The Eisenmoor family is well respected, and despite a few minor exceptions, have rarely abused their position and authority.

Aside from Eisenmoor Manor, the Mayor’s residence and the Town Hall, most of the buildings in Eisenmoor are modestly constructed single-story structures. Walls of wood or fitted stone are topped with steep tarred rooftops designed to shed the heavy wet snowfalls of the winter months. Interior lofts are common to make use of the extra space that the high angled A-frame designs afford. The streets of Fort Eisenmoor are narrow and its buildings tightly packed, as though the town itself is huddled together for warmth and refuge from the cold winds of the unforgiving north.

To further protect the town and lend it the namesake as a fort, the town proper is surrounded by a sturdy wooden palisade on all sides, standing roughly twenty feet tall and made from ironwood trees harvested from the Highgreen forest. Watchtowers are spaced approximately every forty feet along its perimeter and are connected by a walkway of wooden planks fastened to the interior side of the palisade. This allows the garrison to easily access and defend every portion of the palisade as required.

There are three stout gatehouses that allow entrance into Fort Eisenmoor. The East Gate and Southwest Gate lie along the Frontier Trail, while the Northwest gate leads to a separate trail that winds down a steep bank until it reaches the Fort Eisenmoor docks.

There are many outlying farms and pasture lands that surround Fort Eisenmoor. However, by Sheriff’s order, no structure can be built within a hundred feet of the palisade. This strip of land surrounding the fort is kept clear of all obstructions, giving the garrison upon the walls and watchtowers superior sightlines on any advancing foe.


  • Fort Akarak
  • Icewash


  • Arterdune
  • Villim
  • Hasting’s Rest
  • Derby
  • Riverest
  • Whiteshore
  • Timberbay
  • Lastshore
  • Weskar
  • Korin

Places of Interest


  • Zaltskeep
  • Uldblod Keep
  • The Tooth