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Character Skills

Realm of Strife™ > Character Skills

Character skills are divided up into three categories:

  • Primary Skills
  • Secondary Skills
  • Passive Skills

Primary Skills

Primary Skills represent the the combat and role-playing skills available to each class, based on core Primary Skill mechanics available to them. The Realm of Strife dynamic class system is based upon the seven core Primary Skill mechanics:


Secondary Skills

Secondary Skills represent skills that a character possesses or learns that are not directly tied to their class. There is a wide variety of effects that they can have, both on and off the battlefield. Some are tactical in nature and will improve a characters combat potential, while others will enable your character to earn extra income on the side or craft their own equipment.

Every character receives 2 free secondary skill points, based on Class and Race. Each level a character also receives an additional secondary skill point that the player can use to take a new secondary skill (which must be taught by someone who already has at least 2 points in that particular Secondary Skill) or to upgrade an existing secondary skill at will. Upgrading secondary skills makes them more potent and useful.

Secondary skills are arranged in a Rank system. Typically putting 1 additional point into a given secondary skill levels it up to the next Rank, however some particularly powerful secondary skills may require more than 1 point to level.

Secondary Skills are divided up into two categories; Standard Secondary Skills and Specialist Secondary Skills. Standard secondary skills are much less restrictive and can generally be taken by any character (though some may require stat minimums). Specialist Skills are more restrictive and should not be chosen lightly, as no character can ever have more than two Specializations.

NOTE: No combination of skills can ever allow a PC to have more than 2 attacks (with the same weapon) on the same target,  more than 3 attacks total on the same target, or 4 attacks total, per round. For Secondary Skills that grant additional attacks be sure to check the global rules for Multiple Attack Actions to ensure you are handling your multiple attacks correctly.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are typically “always on” or “always available” skills that are awarded to a character based on Race, Class and Title.