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Secondary Skills

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Secondary skills are not dependent on a particular class mechanic list and represent an assortment of skills that can significantly impact combat capabilities, but also the provide the ability to craft items, generate wealth, or improve role-playing mechanics. Secondary Skills are broadly defined as either Standard and Specialist Secondary Skills.

The secondary skill system has recently undergone a massive update and some items are still in development or exist as placeholders. For generic information on a particular discipline of secondary skills see the legacy secondary skill pages. Where detailed descriptions of skills differ from the table below, assume that the new updated table below is correct. With many new skills now available, it is important to check older characters (created prior to Q3 2022)  for any legacy secondary skills that have been updated or even completely reworked. As an example, the legacy Scholar secondary skill has now been split into several new skills found in Academic and Mystical schools.

Standard Secondary Skills

Standard Secondary Skills are organized into one of ten schools, each with the following disciplines within it:

  • Academic Skills: Cartographer, Diplomat, Historian, Linguist, Loremaster, Naturalist, Theologian,
  • Brute Skills: Brawler, Behemoth, Drunken Master, Strongman, Juggernaut, Warmonger
  • Crafting Skills: Alchemy, Blacksmith, Brewmaster, Fletcher, Leather Worker, Tailor, Tradesman (Craftsman), Siegecraft
  • Finesse Skills: Acrobat, Contortionist, Investigation, Performer, Sleight of Hand, Trick Rider
  • Martial Skills: Battle Veteran, Commander, Dual Wield, Military Training, Riding Skill, Non-Lethal Combat, Athletics, Battle Casting
  • Mystical Skills: Spell Scribe, Animator, Enchanting, Runecraft, Magician, Mariner, Spellcrafting
  • Occupational Skills: Bodyguard, Bounty Hunter, Cook, Miner, Sailor, Farmer, Executioner, Butcher, Healer (Medic)
  • Social Skills: Intimidator, Haggler, Charmer, Silver Tongue, Insight
  • Survival Skills: Extra Sensory Perception, Herblore, First Aid, Hunter, Bushcraft, Traps, Petty Thievery, Lightning Reflexes
  • Trainer Skills: Animal Trainer, Combat Trainer, Expertise Trainer, Mentor (Code Trainer), Equipment Trainer, Teacher

NOTE: If you are looking for definitions for the various lifestyle perks of most occupational and crafting skills, see the Expenses section of the Adventuring page.

Specialist Secondary Skills

Specialist Secondary Skill schools remain largely unchanged, though several new disciplines have been added within them:

  • Combat Specialist
    • Bow casting has been moved to a combat specialization, where previously it was a martial skill
    • New specialization: Light Armor
    • New specialization: Heavy Armor
  • Faith Specialist
  • Spirit Specialist
  • Stealth Specialist
  • Weapon Specialist

Full Secondary Skill List

Use the table and filters below to find the school > discipline > and rank/skill. You can also filter by class, but please let us know if something is not included for your class that should be as we are still in the process of double-checking all the restrictions.