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Types of Shops

Travelers Shop

Travelers Shops are outfitters of merchants, adventurers, mercenaries, and heroes for hire. They can be found in almost any settlement, though their stock may be limited in smaller settlements, and often take on the identity of a simple General Store that may also sell select items from other types of stores.


Apothecaries exist primarily to sell potions and poisons, however in larger settlements they also usually carry components and gear required for the use of the Alchemy Secondary Skill.

General Rules for Potions

  • Typically sold in vials, but some shops may sell bottles (which hold 3 doses) for 4x times the price
  • Healing potions have no effect on demons or undead
  • Persistent potion effects DO NOT stack with craftings and enchants that would grant similar effects (i.e. Resistance Potions don’t stack with Resistance Enchants)
  • For use in combat, can drink any potion stored in a belt slot as an instant and/or action, but those stored in a backpack can only be used as an action
  • If using bottles in combat, you may drink as many doses as you want from a single bottle, for the same instant or action
  • Potions can be administered to others if in base contact
  • Drinking too many potion doses in a short time can have adverse effects, also known as Potion Toxicity
  • Potion Toxicity: Under the following conditions, must roll vs Natural resistance to see if you vomit the potion(s) back up. This negates the effects of the last dose and causes you to immediately become Vulnerable until the start of your next turn.
    • After drinking 3 potion doses in a row within 1 minute (out of combat)
    • After drinking a potion for 3 consecutive rounds in combat (or in consecutive rounds of combat)
    • After drinking an entire potion bottle in one sitting (would negate the whole bottle)
  • Chimera Potions are a special kind of potion with its own ruleset and dedicated page.

General Rules for Poisons

  • Poisons are typically sold in vials, but some shops may sell bottles (which hold 3 doses) for 4x the price
  • Using an entire bottle of poison on a weapon has the same effect as a single does, bottles are not intended to make poisons more potent just allow for more efficient storage
  • Poisons require a nature check each round before dealing damage or applying effects if passed poison disappears
  • Similar poison effects do not stack i.e. Can’t have 2 direct dam effects but could have 1 direct dam + 1 immobilize


Training is essential for Character Progression in Realm of Strife, both for learning new primary and secondary skills, as well as weapon and armor proficiency. Trainers are not a “shop” in the tradition sense as they do not offer a physical item for purchase, but their skill sets are listed here for reference as a purchasable “item”. 

Though Trainers may operate out of a “store-front” they could also be found as a wandering wagon-train, or market stall. It is assumed that all types of trainers are available in some manner in a large settlement, however smaller settlements would only have availability based on the function of the settlement. (i.e. in a small hunting settlement you might a local hunter that can teach you a new Stealth skill or how to use a bow, but likely not one who can teach you how to use plate armor or learn a new spell).

For some training items it may also be possible to find, loot, or discover a text that contains the required knowledge, though the “study time” required would be doubled. Training texts are not typically a purchasable item.

Fletcher Shop

Fletcher shops provide arrows, bolts, and quivers. Smaller settlements typically only have a Fletcher’s shop if they are hunting settlements. Ranger Guild Shops using incorporate a Fletcher Shop and typically offer these items at half price to their members (and also carry Smoke Bombs)

Magic Shop

Magic shops provide most of the components required for rune crafting and enchanting, they may also sell other magic items and curiosities. They are typically only found in larger settlements, though some of their products may be sold at a General Store in a small settlement.

Herbalist Shop

Herbalist shops can be found in any large settlement. Smaller settlements will either have limited variety depending on their location, or may sell these types of products at a General Store.

Stables and Livery

Stables and Liveries are serve the needs of various beasts used as pack animals or as mounts. Theya re often found combined together in large settlements, however can also be found separately. Mount prices are for Basic Level mounts, for more experienced mounts multiply price by the level, inventory varies by region. See the Supplementary Rules section for more details on Mounts and Beast Armor.

Full Item List

  • Prices listed are buying process for normal market conditions in a settlement of reasonable size, GM discretion can be applied for modifying prices based on limited availability
  • Sell price is typically 10% of buying price under normal market conditions
  • 1 Gold Piece (GP) = 10 Silver Pieces (SP) = 100 Copper Pieces (CP)
  • Prices are listed in the following format: (GP).(SP)(CP) where 1.53 would be 1 GP, 5 SP, 3 CP though CP are typically not used
  • S = 1 storage slot, M = 2 storage slots, L = 4 storage slots, XL = 8 storage slots