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Focus Skills

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This is the complete list of Focus Skills. For rules regarding Focus Primary skills see the Focus page.

Focus skills have tags listed that indicate unique features or properties of that skill and in some cases additional rules. Focus tags are as follows:

Opener: can only ever be used as the first Focus skill during your own turn.

Finisher: using a Finisher prevents using any further Focus skills during your own turn, but grants additional effects that scale based on the number of focus dice used so far that round, including the focus dice for the finisher itself

Style: indicates that this is a particular fighting style, typically listed as a “Way of the ____”, effects persist until the start of your next turn and are refreshed if a condition is met. Only 1 style can be active at a time.

Combo: these are Focus skills that have additional effects based on existing status effects or conditions (i.e. if the target is stunned do X additional damage)

Racial: a skill that is a particular specialty of a certain race. Though other races may also learn these skills (provided they can find someone to train them), focus classes gain extra points as they level up that can only be spent on their corresponding racial skills. Note that half-races can choose racial skills form either of their mixed parentage.

Utility: not direct damage

CC: includes soft or hard crowd control related effects

Utility: no direct damage

DOT: includes a damage-over-time component or effect

Movement: includes movement related effects

Damage: the primary purpose of the skill is to inflict damage

Avoidance: includes effects that assist in avoiding damage and/or detection

Disengage: provides methods to move out of base contact without counting as having disengaged

Multi: can hit or effect more than 1 target with the same skill

Death: includes some form of instant-death mechanic

Use the filters below to narrow down your selection of skills. Note that Damage is based on the Rank of the Skill.