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Finesse Skills

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Finesse skills are a school of Secondary Skills that refer to a character’s ability to perform precise, delicate, or skillful tasks that require a steady hand, good hand-eye coordination, a high degree of agility or artistic training. While they often have practical purposes, and can even provide reasonable lifestyle, they can also be used for more creative purposes. Overall, Finesse skills can add depth and versatility to a character skill set.


Characters with this skill are able to move in ways that seem almost impossible to the average person. It takes much training but these agile characters can far out do there comrades in feats of Agility.

Requires: relatively high Agility


Contortionists can bend and fold their body in ways that seem almost otherworldly. While sometimes labeled as freaks and oddities, people still pay good coin to see your talents at work and there are times when it pays to be able to fit places that others cannot.

Requires: relatively high Agility