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Occupational Skills

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Many famous adventurers came from more humble roots and may possess skills in a particular occupation, either passed on through a family business or representing a former life before becoming an adventurer. Also common, is the necessity to find work between adventurers to pay for all that upkeep. This is the most common function of Occupational skills, which can be used to cover expenses incurred between play sessions (sometimes referred to as “down time”). These skills afford a particular “Lifestyle” for a player character, that can carry its own benefits and risks. Most occupational skills also carry with them their own unique skills relevant to the occupation, some even directly combat oriented, or in some cases they can be actively practiced at the request of the player (not to be confused with Crafting Skills). When used in a contractual manner GM discretion is required to determine what is reasonable and players may be asked to make some rolls on the Risk Tables.


The world is a dangerous place and there are those willing to pay top dollar for the protective services of a good bodyguard. Some bodyguards are driven by a sense of honor others are just out for quick profit but either way they are implacable opponents when their charge is threatened.
The skills granted by the bodyguard secondary skill only apply to a single target that is elected to be the body guards charge for the entire quest/mission. Decide this before play begins. The effects apply even after a charge is knocked unconscious or even killed. A character with the Bodyguard Secondary Skill cannot have their own bodyguard.

Bounty Hunter

A hunter of men, skilled in tracking quarry and bringing them back alive, most of the time, whether for lawful authorities or underworld masters. Bounty hunters are specially trained at their task and make fearsome opponents as they pursue and attack with a single minded focus.