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Named after their distinctly different skin pigments (typically but not always Greenish in colour), many suspect that the Greenskins represent those among the Third Creation that were heavily influenced and deceived by the Demons in order to bring about the Downfall. This would explain their vile degenerate forms, violent dispositions, and reduced intellectual capacity. While they are not actually Demonic beings, the influence that Demons have had on them sets them at odds with the rest of the Third Creation.

The Codex of Creation separates Greenskins into several Metaraces, each with common characteristics:


War Gobber – Generated with AI

The smallest and most devious of the Greenskin races are known as Goblinkind. But even within Goblinkind, there are smaller and larger variants.


The most stunted and sickly looking of all Goblinkind are the Boogers. These runts are treated as vermin by other Greenskins and lack the basic intelligence to even form a language that consists of more than two words; booger and lugie.


Similar in size to a Halfling, but possessing none of their innate charm, Goblins have small beady eyes, hooked noses, long leathery ears, and razor sharp teeth. Their broad skulls make them almost look comically top heavy, but their disposition is cruel and malevolent. Read more…

Goblins live in large chaotic tribal communities, where allegiances constantly shift in a never ending power struggle. This reduces them generally to a nuisance more than a true threat to civilized lands. However when a particularly influential leader rises up among them, they may set aside their own conflicts long enough to overrun small villages or unwalled towns. When the looting and pillaging is at an end, they will promptly attempt to found a new settlement, for Goblins prefer to live among the ruins and filth of other civilizations rather than build their own.

Although they are often found in the company of Orcs, Goblins actually despise their larger cousins as bullies and conquerors, for Orcs will routinely subjugate Goblin tribes. Once conquered, Goblins are pressed into service as forced labour, fodder for some meaningless war, or even just idle and gruesome entertainment. Worse yet, if food ever runs short, Goblins make for a quick snack.


Averaging around 4-5 feet tall, Hobgoblins are the larger cousins of standard Goblins and are sometimes referred to as Half-goblins, though what the other half would be is unknown. While sharing many of the same physical traits and general cruelty of all Goblinkind, they are treated as outsiders by their own kind therefore are not typically found in large numbers. Due to their size advantage they are quite capable of bullying their smaller cousins into obedience and can at times be found running a small Goblin warband. More likely however, they are found in the employment of local gangs and small time landowners for they are born mercenaries. For the right price their loyalty can be bought and is surprisingly fierce, that is until someone offers them a better deal.


Orckind refers to any species with at least some orcish blood. Given their violent tendencies and hideous forms, its assumed that no one other than another Orc would wish to reproduce and with an Orc, allowing Orckind to maintain its savage bloodline. When mixed parentage does exist, the Orcish blood runs strong. A Half-orc, regardless of what other racial heritage it shares, is still undeniably Orckind.


Of the all Greenskin races, none are as numerous or feared as the Orcs. While not the largest of all the Greenskin races, they are undoubtedly larger, stronger, and tougher than any humanoid. In any land, history will record accounts of Orcish raiders pillaging coastlines tfor as long as the written word has existed, and their propensity for violence and slaughter is well-known. Read more…

To most civilized races the Orcs are nothing more than a savage and disorganized horde, bent on sowing destruction and chaos. This reputation proceeds the Orcish tribes whenever they venture forth from their homelands. Their crude ships appear as if out of a nightmare, spewing forth a teeming mass of brutish warriors. With frightening zeal they ravage any settlements that happen to be nearby, sometimes driving further inland to take on larger more temping prizes.

In rare cases Orcs have been known to establish encampments of their own. For all their savagery they are a disorganized lot, prone to infighting and easily defeated if faced with a more numerous well coordinated army. Only in the wildest lands that lack organized military forces have any Orc encampments survived long enough to become established settlements. More often than not the Orcish raiders leave as quickly as they arrived, ships brimming with the spoils of war. In their wake they leave behind smoldering ruins and a rich harvest of death and sorrow. Perhaps worst of all is their reviled habit of leaving their seed within the womb of any woman unfortunate enough to survive.

These practices have branded all Orcs as mindless and uncivilized brutes. However apt this stereotype may be, it is not universally true, particularly among those tribes that live in isolated settlements in the wilds. Though these tribes usually remain primitive, they are capable of remarkable acts of kindness and mercy, in their own right. As individuals, some Orcs have even been known to act with honor and courage that would put other races to shame. But any Orc, no matter what tribe or background they come from, will always be feared and mistrusted by common folk, forever considered an enemy of civilization.


If Orcs are reviled for being true to their nature, Half-Orcs are all the more reviled and outcast from society as the product of that brutal Orcish nature. Born of the unnatural union of Orcs and Humanoids, they are not a true race of the Third Creation, but rather a by-product. Read more…

They have no family or sense of belonging, for they are typically born as a result of Orc raiders raping human women, who then usually die in childbirth or simply disown their unwanted offspring. Half-Orcs have no place in either world, for among Orcs they are seen as weak in a society that respects only strength, and among humanoids they are seen as monsters to be feared or at best, pitied. This makes Half-Orcs solitary creatures, living on the outskirts of society, scrapping by in whatever way they can, and prone to wandering.

As a gift from their Orc fathers, they retain some of their size and strength, and most of their fearsome appearance, though their features are somewhat softened by their humanoid half. Likewise their humanoid heritage strips away some of the influence of the Demons that is bred into full-blood Orcs. Born into a hard life, no matter what path they take, Half-Orcs are always forced to defend themselves against prejudice and discrimination, usually physically. This makes them excellent Brawlers, and results in a natural inclination toward close combat, though they are certainly capable of more than that.

In fact, if the social stigma of their existence could be overcome, in some ways they are a superior race, possessing the the strengths of both races with few of the weaknesses. Those smart enough to recognize this fact will often seek to employ Half-Orcs as bodyguards, for their loyalty can be ensured for a reasonable price and their fearsome presence persuades most to keep their distance.


Though the telltale green skin pigments are much subtler and often include blue or grey tones, Ogrekind still share an undeniable heritage with the other Greenskin races. They are the largest of all Greenskin’s, and come in one and two-headed varieties.


Ogres are mountains of flesh, towering over most races of the Third Creation, and possessing unrivaled strength and stamina. Read more…

Ogres also possess a voracious appetite. This is perhaps a saving grace, for it is difficult for Ogrekind to congregate together. There is rarely enough food and resources to sustain a large population of Ogres for very long. When they do live together in tribes they are nomadic. Standing near the pinnacle of the food chain, they will wipe out all food sources in an area and then move on to fresh hunting groups.

Unlike their smaller and more warlike Orcish cousins, Ogres do not typically seek to conquer others. However, if anyone should challenge their right to food and resources, Ogres will attack with unprecedented brutality, that ends only when all opposition is removed, and likely eaten.

Their lumbering, almost clumsy, mannerisms and slow pace of speech, give Ogres an appearance of being unintelligent, however, this is not necessarily the case. In fact some Ogres are even intelligent enough to master the spiritual arts, granting them elevated status in the tribe as Ogre-mages.


Ettins are rare two headed Ogres. Prone to arguing with themselves, if they can ever agree on anything, they will pursue it with twice the resolve of any lesser Ogre. Most often it is best to run before they agree to make a meal out of you.

Codex of Greenskins

The Codex of Greenskins is the master list of all Greenskins available for encounters and roleplaying for Realm of Strife GMs. While the framework for all known and theorized Greenskins exists, not all entries are currently complete. The Codex of Greenskins continues to expand as designers create new entries.

If you are looking for a Greenskin that does not appear in this list please contact us and request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.