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The Broken Horn Tribe

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A Brief History of the Broken Horn Tribe, as recorded by Aquenas, Shaman of the Broken Horn Tribe

  • Tribe made a serious bid for power and was defeated, forced to rename as Broken Horn, exiled to rolling tundra, all older tribal warriors killed, tribe currently led by former chiefs son, Ghargon (only survivor from the massacre)
  • Ghargon (Chief’s Son) is a level 5 warrior (can teach vigor & fury skills up to that level), also rides a rhino mount so can teach riding skill
  • Most of the remaining tribe members are quite young and inexperienced. There are only two groups that possess at least some form of training and/or weapons
  • The first is the tribal hunters, a group of a dozen or so young hunters that were being trained by their elders to provide for the drill. The elder hunters left them behind when they went with the rest of their more experienced tribe mates. If the battle went poorly and they hoped that this young hunters would still be able to provide for the tribe in their stead. As such, the hunters feel it is their rightful duty to provide for the Broken Horn tribe, a fact which they see places them in a position of authority.
  • The second group is made up of a handful of Minotaurs from various background and skill sets, but all of whom are the sons of prominent or otherwise infamous Minotaurs that were slain in the battle. Nicknamed the Sons of the Broken, consists of:
    • Aquenas (Shaman): Son of the Elder Shaman
    • Jomungor (Vigilante): Son of the coward (his father was the only one who spoke against the chiefs plans to go to war, believing that it would be the downfall of their tribe, as such he was branded as a coward, despite the fact that he still went off to war with them and gave his life to defend the tribe)
    • Brashal (Barbarian): Son of tribal Drunk
    • Kerza (Zealot): Son of the tribal primal elder
  • There is a growing rivalry between the Sons of the Broken and the Tribal Hunters
  • The Sons of the Broken have acted as gatherers, hunters, rear guard, sentries, scouts
  • Looted an old ruined Minotaur scout tower
  • Scouting mission to find a place to set up a permanent settlement
  • Discover a Goblin stronghold that seems to be built upon a long destroyed Minotaur settlement of some kind. It also appears as though there may be mines of some kind nearby. Approx. Strength of fifty goblins. Includes the ruined remains of a hill fort, defensible position, next to a nameless river.
  • Hunters also stole the behemoth toads that we killed and preserved in the river so that we could collect them on the return journey. They have claimed them as their own, and they are used as a celebratory feast for the discovery of the goblin camp. Our group spits on the ground and refuses to eat it…
  • Sent to gather more food for the tribe as Ghargon’s scouts gather more information about the goblins.
  • After discussing battle plans with both groups Ghargon decides to split his forces and attach from two sides. The Sons of the Broken are tasked with climbing the hill and attacking from behind while the chief son and the rest of the tribe (including the hunters) attacks from the front and distracts them. The Broken Horn tribe wins and claims the land, goblin chiefs head mounted on a spear next to the log bridge. Casualties include 3 tribesmen killed, many wounded, and Rex losing an eye.
  • Kherza and Brashal scouted part way into the nearby mines, which turns out to be an iron mine. They seem to have been originally mined many years ago by Minotaurs but more recently by goblins, whose tunnels are two cramped for the Minotaurs to further explore. While searching through the mines they find side passage where they discovered a priest serving demonic powers, whom they defeated. Kherza claimed a text from his corpse.
  • Kerza and Aquenas are sent to investigate reports of a strange human witch who is heading towards the Broken Horn camp with a host of demon possessed animals. They engage her in combat, and with the assistance of another Minotaur named Jintoe (a cleric who has been hunter her for some time) they defeat her animals and knock her unconscious. They bring her back to camp and so that Ghargon can pronounce judgement over her. Ghargon is not pleased by the presence of an unknown Minotaur in their camp, but Aquenas speaks for him and takes responsibility for him, offering to cut his balls off if he leaves camp. Jintoe is ordered to contribute to the tribe and prove his worth. Satisfied, Ghargon then orders her the witch to be executed. Kerza is more than happy to do so. However once they take her head off, she turns into a Gluttonous Demon Spawn. Thinking it is some trick of Jintoe’s Ghargon orders him seized and tells Kerza and Aquenas that it is their responsibility to defeat the spawn. They attack but are almost defeated until Jintoe breaks free and comes to their aid. Togther they defeat the spawn and Jintoe is told that he has earned his keep, for today.
  • Scouts report that another exiled tribe (Called the Cloven Hoof) has come into the area, Ghargon wishes to remain in isolation and so tasks Kerza, Aquenas, Jomungor, and Jintoe with destroying them. He sends three young bloods with them to assist and learn to fight. They draw the warriors from the other tribe out and challenge them, defeating them soundly. Aquenas castrates the survivors and they are brought back as slaves. They also bring back a Heifer and 5 Calves, and an old Ox that was serving the Cloven Hoof as a blacksmith. He offers to work for the Broken Horn tribe. Ghargon is well pleased with the outcome.
  • Kerza, Jomungor, and Brashal, took Crog, Clob, and Crob and the 4 Cloven Hoof Ox to go work in the mines. Clob and Crob were left behind to guard the prisoners, while the rest went deeper into the miens to clear them out. Killed Yeti’s and a blue Wyrm
  • Kerza, Jintoe, Jomungor, and Brashal were scouting out the area, discovered a nest of Cuotls which they destroyed, and then stumbled upon a wild Hydra.
  • Kerza and Jintoe discover a frosted stone circle of power, which lead to a confrontation with the nearby Crescent Moon tribe. Returned with new prisoners and a mysterious druid called “the Special One”
  • One of the captured Heifers from the Cloven Hoof tribe (Xenae) proved to be tougher than anyone thought, refusing to be domesticated she has bested in hand to hand combat any male from the Broken Horn tribe that has attempted to do so. This has turned into an unofficial form of entertainment for the tribe, with her as the undefeated pit-fighter. Eventually though she attempted to escape. Aquenas, feeling responsible for the Cloven Hoof captives went after her. Ill equipped, she fell prey to a pack of Tundra Hyenas, and very nearly lost her life after refusing help from Aquenas. In the end Aquenas helped anyways and dragged her unconscious body back to camp.
  • Aquenas wanted to go to the circle of power to attempt to commune with an elemental frost spirit to further his powers and learn the rite of the Spirit Drummer. The Crescent moon tribe was nearby and it led to another confrontation. Kerza, Brashal and Jomungor held off the Crescent Moon tribe while Aquenas battled the frost elemental inside the circle of power. It seemed he was bested however, unknown to anyone Aquenas had been possessed by an elemental spirit for quiet some time and it brust forth to battle the other elemental. It was eventually defeated, but did enough damage to allow Aquenas to overcome it. IN the end the Elemental decided that based on Aquenas’ ability to maintain control even while possessed, and still almost over come it, it would grant him the power he sought and also teach him the key rhythms of Spirit Drumming.
  • Xenae’s former tribesmates try to convinve her to give up fighting, allow herself to be taken as a mate, and integrate into their new tribe. They tell her that if she doesn’t the’ve heard rumors that she might be sent to work the mines with the oxen from her former tribe. She immediately begins plotting another escape. This time she makes it several days from the camp, but runs into a gang of Slavers from across the seas. She attempts to hide but they track her down and attempt to capture her. Their leader claims her as property of their gang, but Aquenas arrives on the scene and informs the Slavers that she is already the property of the Broken Horn Tribe. Together Aquenas and Xenae, defeat all of the Slavers henchmen (Aquenas freezing them with Chains of Ice and Xenae killing them all). However the slavers leader proves almost too much for them. Aquenas is hesitant to do so, but feels that the Elemental spirits are telling him to place his trust in Xenae, so he uses his last HP (slipping into unconsciousness) to cast another chains of ice to give Xenea the upper hand in defeating the slaver one on one. Xenae charges in and hits the slaver hard enough that, given the death of all his henchmen, he decides to flee, vowing to return with more men. Both Aquenas and Xenae barely escape the encounter with their lives and Aquenas is impressed at Xenae’s fighting prowess and the fact that she could have killed him or run off while he was unconscious, but instead tended to his wounds. Dispite all that, Aquenas tells her he is still bound to return her back tot he tribe. She says she will go willingly, so long as she can return to the tribe as one of their fighting members instead of as property to be bedded. Aquenas says he will advise Ghargon to consider her request, but can’t promise anything. Xenae agrees and they return to the tribe. Ghargon decides that if she can prove her worth and her loyalty that he might consider making her a fighting member of the tribe, but for until she has a chance to further prove herself, she need not be bedded against her wishes.
  • The hunters recently captured some wild plains striders and the tribe is attempting to domesticate and breed them. Though the tribe had some success, all progress was lost when a pair of Wyverns carried off most of the flock. Most of the hunters and the Sons of the Broken were out on assignment at the time. Ghargon was furious and ordered Aquenas to track the Wyverns back to their nest and recover the stolen flock. Knowing something of Wyverns from stories his father had told him, Aquenas wisely asked that he at least be able to take Xenae with him. They find the nest, and the Wyverns, who seem to be making sport out of the plains striders. There is also a wounded high elf in the nest, who appears to have been immobilized by a Wyvern stinger. Aquenas and Xenae engage the Wyverns and pull the stinger out of the High Elf, hoping that he will assist them in, which he does. The trio is barely a match for the Wyverns, and also have to contend with the plains striders, who are crazed with fear and attacking at random. They manage to kill the Wyverns, though not before Both Xenae and Aquenas are knocked unconscious. The unknown high elf, a martial artist of some skill, lands the killing blow on the final Wyvern but then is also knocked unconscious when the crazed plains striders attack him. When they all awake the remaining plains striders have run off, apparently satisfied that they have subdued all the threats. The High Elf thanks the two Minotaurs for rescuing him, but chooses to go his own way. Aquenas and Xenae return to the tribe to relay the news. Ghargon is dissatisfied that they couldn’t bring back any of the plains striders but pleased that the Wyverns have been put down, thus eliminating future threats to their flock.
  • Potential future missions to establish and develop their new settlement:
    • Gathering: Wood and hides for building basic housing/structures
    • Hunting: ongoing need for food (any mission taken will anger the hunters though)
    • Securing resources: Scouting and securing of nearby mines, searching for a stone quarry, and more abundant source of wood (in short supply on the tundra)
    • Guard duty/defense: defending settlement against ongoing attacks from various sources, protecting workers while they build defences, night watch/sentry duty, etc…
    • Trading: seeking out other settlements and/or travelling merchants to trade with, dangerous due to our status as exiles
    • Skill: finding additional sources to train new secondary skills and/or abilities for ourselves and for the tribe (i.e. a tribal blacksmith, tribal tanner, tribal lore crafter, tribal expertise trainer, etc…)
    • Capture: capture various animals/creatures/lesser-races for the purposes of labour and/or training of tribesmen.
    • Training: taking inexperienced tribesmen out to learn how to fight and perform various other useful functions for the tribe.