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Distant cousins to the mountain dwarves of Angveldt, the frost dwarves of Ynerveldt are a hardy and isolated people. Living in the far northeast of Norlanin, most of their ancient settlements and dwarfholds were buried beneath snow and ice in ages long passed. However, their capital of Khar Yndl yet survives, built into the very roots of the Frostforge Mountains.

Thousands of years ago, the dwarves of Ynerveldt were believed to be kin to the dwarves under the Spineback Mountains, but parted ways after a bitter civil war against the High King of Angveldt and founded their own kingdom in the north. For a time they flourished, finding untapped riches in the remote Frostforge Mountains. However, their new home inexplicably turned against them as temperatures grew colder, even by high arctic standards. Snow began to fall without ceasing, and within only two generations Ynerveldt was thought lost to the climate catastrophe. More than a thousand years passed before the endless snowfalls ceased and the climate began to warm again. As glaciers retreated, a much-altered race of blue-skinned dwarves emerged from the frozen wastes, miraculously surviving millennia under the snow and ice. They now seek to reclaim what was lost and blame their ancient kin, the dwarves of Angveldt, for their fallen kingdom.

Current Ruler: King Varl Frostvane