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Hell Fiends

Hell fiends are primordial creatures formed of the very essence of the Realm of Abomination, sometimes simply referred to as Hell Beasts. As with anything from the Realm of Abomination, Hell Fiends take on a twisted and corrupted form that is a mockery of the true creation.  Little more than beasts they serve their own natural instinct. However Demons and Devils have been known to attempt to tame Hell Fiends, even keeping them as pets or using them as mounts when they ride to battle. Those Hell Fiends which cannot tamed are instead unleashing as a weapon against their foes in the never ending battles that take place in the Realm of Abomination.

While not naturally occurring in the Realm of Strife, they can be summoned by demons or cultists. Alternately they sometimes find their way to the Realm of Strife when a natural beast is exposed to demonic energies, akin to a primal form of possession. Because of this, when a Hell Fiend is slain in the Realm of Strife, it doesn’t truly die, its Demonic Spirit instead returns to the churning endless chaos of the Realm of Abomination where it is eventually reborn.

Hell Fiend Metaraces

The Codex of Creation separates Hell Fiends into the same Metaraces used by natural Beasts, each with common characteristics:

  • Aquatic
  • Arthropod
  • Avian
  • Invertebrate
  • Mammal
  • Reptile

Hell Fiend Classes

Hell Fiends can be subdivided into several classes, that characterize the combat and defensive styles employed when engaged in battle:

  • Aerial: uses flight as a weapon or means of escape/evasion
  • Ambusher: uses stealth and natural environments to its advantage to mask its presence until ready to spring upon its prey
  • Brute: uses pure physical violence to overwhelm and intimidate enemies
  • Burrower: capable of tunneling through the ground and often surprising foes by bursting onto the battlefield with a variety of effects
  • Disabler: uses venom, poison or other means of disabling enemies, often at range
  • Herd: use strength of numbers for natural protection and often try to avoid combat, but also possess trample effects that can crush enemies beneath their hooves
  • Magical: uses magical powers or natural abilities that mimic magic for self defense or to overcome prey, often at range
  • Pack Hunter: gains bonuses when fighting or hunting with other beasts of the same type
  • Protector: uses natural abilities or adaptations to protect its territories or targets that it deems important, often capable of drawing enemies attention to itself and possessing natural defenses that make it tougher than most other beasts

Hell Fiend Ranks

Rank/Age Typical Size Description
Whelp Medium Regardless of how powerful it was at its death, when a Hell Fiend’s spirit reforms in the Realm of Abomination it must begin anew as a relatively weak and unimpressive creature compared to the other denizens of Hell. However it will never stop growing and in time will mature into an “adult” once more.
Fiend (Adult) Large The majority of Hell Fiends fall into this category, and though little more than a common beast in the Realm of Abomination they can be a dire threat if they find their way to the Realm of Strife.
Elder Huge It is rare for a Hell Fiend to survive long enough in the Realm of Abomination to grow to the size of an Elder Fiend. Those that do would be thousands of years old by the reckoning of mortals. They are highly prized by Demon Overlords and the Devils of the Abyssal Court.
Ancient Massive Ancient Hell Fiends are exceptionally rare and have grown to sizes rival even dragons. They are wild and strong willed, and only the most powerful Demons or Devils would dare try to control one. A single Ancient Fiend let loose against an enemy could decimate an entire army.
Progenitor Gargantuan Its unknown if any Hell Fiends have grown to this size, but if so they would have to have been among the first Hell Fiends to ever exist.

Codex of Hell Fiends

The Codex of Hell Fiends is the master list of all Hell Fiends available as enemies for Realm of Strife GMs. While the framework for all known Hell Fiends exists, not all entries are currently complete. It does not contain all known Hell Fiends, but the list continues to expand as designers create new entries in the codex.

If you are looking for a Hell Fiend that does not appear in this list please please contact us  and request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.