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Anthromorph races are those who saw their forms more drastically altered, typically taking on Animal-like traits and characteristics. For some this was a permanent change while for others it would become a cursed condition running through the blood in their veins that could afflict any race and cause them to turn into beastial forms when exposed to certain environmental conditions.

Anthromorphs are seperated into three metaraces; Anthrokind, Verminkind, and Merkind.



Minotaur CoC Level Ups

TitleLevelXPModifiersHP ChangeAdditional Effects Additional Skills
Young Blood-1-2-1 hit/cast, -0.5% critreduce by 1d12+Stamina/2-2 Disadvantage on Resolve tests-1 use of each listed skill (but not below 1 use)
Bull+1+2 +1 hit/cast, +0.5% crit increase by 1d12+Stamina/2 +3 Advantage on Resolve tests +1 use of each listed skill
Longhorn+2+4+2 hit/cast, +1% critincrease by 2d12+Stamina +5 Advantage of Resolve tests, Toughness 1+2 uses of each listed skill, and rank up skill by1 where possible










Codex of Anthromorphs

The Codex of Anthromorphs is the master list of all Anthromorphs available for encounters and roleplaying for Realm of Strife GMs. While the framework for all known and theorized Anthromorphs exists, not all entries are currently complete. The Codex of Anthromorphs continues to expand as designers create new entries.

If you are looking for a Anthromorphs that does not appear in this list please contact us and request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.