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The minotaurs of the Dominion of Minocea are fierce opponents who are nearly unstoppable when roused to war. It is said that Minocea could have easily conquered the whole of Eastern Norlanin if they were not so preoccupied with their own internal conflicts. Minotaurs are warlike by nature, though this is oft-misunderstood to be blind rage. In Minocean culture, it is simply believed that only the strong should rule, therefore, there must be a great deal of bloodshed for anything political to ever be accomplished in Minocea.

This often leads to brutal, short-lived tribal wars. As numerous tribes vie for power within the societal structure, many are the tribes that are utterly dominated, wiped out, conquered, or sold into slavery. Those that do manage to avoid these fates are disgraced and exiled from Minocea, forced to fend for themselves in the lawless northern tundra known as Exiles Run, only ever permitted to return if they can prove themselves worthy.

At the apex of their societal structure is a warrior-king, who rules over all Minocea. But holding the throne of Minocea is no small feat when so many would seek to challenge their King’s authority. This is not viewed as treason, but rather as the natural way of things. Any free citizen of Minocea may challenge the King, from the lowliest warrior to the greatest tribal chieftain. However, practically speaking, the King may assign subordinates to deal with any challenger that is not deemed worth the interruption that such challenges cause. Unlike most monarchies, the Kingship of Minocea is not a hereditary title. There are no Princes or Princesses in Mincoea, and the throne must always be won in combat. Despite this fact, it is quite common in Minocea’s history for the throne to be passed to the King’s offspring, but only if they successfully challenge and kill their father in combat. The biggest spectacle of all occurs when a Mincoean king is killed by a non-minotaur, resulting in a grand melee of the nation’s finest warriors to see who will take the throne.

Current Ruler: King Drexigor the Scarred