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Stealth Specialist

Stealth specialists focus their training into a specific Stealth discipline. Only Stealth Classes (full or mixed) may become a Stealth Specialist and most Stealth classes can only have one Stealth Specialization with the exception of  Thieves, who may take up to two.

As per the rules for Stealth Primary Skills, each class has two forbidden disciplines (except Thieves), as such each Stealth class can only be Specialized in the disciplines as outlined below:

DisciplineSpecialization Available
ThieveryThief, Berserker, Swashbuckler, Assassin, Monk
SabotageThief, Berserker, Swashbuckler, Ranger, Monk, Ninja
Dirty FightingThief, Berserker, Swashbuckler, Ranger, Assassin
Survival Thief, Berserker, Ranger, Monk, Ninja
AssassinationThief, Berserker, Ranger, Assassin, Ninja
SuppressionThief, Swashbuckler, Ranger, Assassin, Monk, Ninja
SubterfugeThief, Swashbuckler, Assassin, Monk, Ninja

In order to maintain a Stealth Specialization in a specific discipline you must have more cumulative ranks of Stealth skills from that disciple than any other disciple. (i.e. if you are a Sabotage specialist with 10 stealth skill points available, at least 6 of the 10 would have to be invested in Sabotage abilities in order to benefit from your specialization). Once a Stealth Specialization has been selected it cannot be changed, however it can be rendered in-active if not maintaining the correct number of cumulative skill points in that discipline. The Specialization will become active again if and when (i.e. in future level ups) skill points are allocated correctly.


Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Thievery skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Any attack paired with a Thievery instant has +5 to hit and +1 damage; this also applies when converting ‘Stalk’ into a Strike
Rank3 – May re-roll one set of dice for any hit roll, success roll or stat check; must abide by the second roll; must be related to or paired with a Thievery skill; maximum of once per round
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; The Ol’ Switcheroo: Any time you use Larceny or Pick Pocket, you can elect to replace the item you have stolen with something else; this typically fools the target until after they attempt to use the item (i.e. replace a healing potion with a vial of poison, switch a sword for a stick, etc…)


Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Sabotage skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Anytime you pair a Sabotage instant and action together you may take a free Stealth Check at the start of your next turn to become undetected again (normal this would count as an instant); must still adhere to LoS rules for becoming undetected
Rank3 – All Sabotage abilities are one rank more effective than they should be, even beyond the max rank
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; Elite Saboteur: Just prior to the start of a battle, you may apply the negative effects (but no direct damage) of a single Sabotage skill against one enemy target; must have the appropriate amount of required stealth and also must pass a Stealth test; cannot be used if you opponents ambush you

Dirty Fighting

Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Dirty Fighting skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Successful use of any action based Dirty Fighting skill causes the target to suffer -10 to hit on their next turn
Rank3 – Any time an enemy moves into base contact and misses with their first attack (including if parried, blocked or warded off), you may immediately side step 1″ to disengage from combat if passing an agility test
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; Cheap Shot: While in base contact, if an enemy selects a target that is not you, you may attempt to Cheap Shot them; before the enemy rolls to hit their intended target take a Stealth Check, where failure immediately gives away your position and causes Cheap Shot to fail, at which point the enemy may choose to switch targets and hit you instead; if passing the Stealth Check immediately make a regular out-of-turn main hand melee attack that does not give away your position; if Cheap Shot hits it causes the targets attack to suffer -20 to hit (can stack with the penalties of Rank2 Dirty Fighting specialization if applied in the previous round, up to -40 to hit)


Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Survival skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Using any Survival skill results in 10% damage reduction for the next incoming attack
Rank3 – At the end of your turn, if you have not inflicted any damage, you may become undetected by all enemies if you pass a Stealth Check
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; Shrug it Off: Any hit that would drop you below 25% HP instead reduces your HP to 25% and if passing a Stealth Check allows you to Disengage from Combat without being hit on your next turn; can only occur once per battle


Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Assassination skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Any time a target armor saves or resists a power, you may ask the GM what the targets AC or resistance is; however you cannot directly share this information with your allies
Rank3 – After using any Assassination skill, if the target has 10% HP or less, may choose to instantly kill it
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; Shadow Blink: An instant skill that can be used if passing a Stealth Check; immediately move your full movement distance so long as you remain in the shadows for the entire move


Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Suppression skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Successfully using any Suppression skill grants you +1 Initiative Score for the remainder of the battle; bonus cannot exceed +6
Rank3 – Suppress and Run: If you do not move your full movement distance during the movement phase of your turn, you may use any remaining movement to move again at the end of your turn, provided you used a Suppression instant or action; this does not count as Disengaging from Combat (i.e. If max movement is 4, could move 2″ then use Trip (instant) and Disarm (Action) and the move 2″)
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; Vulnerability: Any target that has been effected by one of your Suppression abilities becomes takes 25% more damage for the entire next turn


Rank1 – All stealth reduction costs for Subterfuge skills are reduced by 1
Rank2 – Anytime you miss a target the next time you attack them you gain +10 to hit if you have not attacked another target since; this stacks until hitting the target
Rank3 – If you used a Subterfuge skill in the previous round and pass a Stealth Check, Disengaging from Combat immediately causes you to become undetected from those formerly in base contact; doing so also prevents any attacks being made against you when Disengaging from Combat.
Rank4 – Requires 2 Skill Points; Copy Cat; if not using any other abilities that round select a single target within LoS and if passing a Stealth Check, plus a Perception Test, you may make yourself look and sound enough like the target that it will fool the average person (GM descretion) into thinking that you ARE that target; this can be maintained only for a short period of time (max 3 rounds in combat); the effect is cancelled if you fail a Stealth Check at any point in time or if you take any combat actions; if you are aware of any instants/abilities the target may have you can use a single instant and action after which the effect is broken; Copy Cat can only be used on a target once per day or battle