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Brute Skills

Brute skills are often less about specific training and more about size and battle field presence, ideal for characters that rely on physical strength and brute force to overcome challenges. While lacking elegance or finesse, brute skills are a powerful boon in combat, often providing a means to bully or overwhelm opponents, increase resiliency, or take punishment and keep on going. They may not be as agile or quick as other character types, but those relying on brute skills use sheer strength and determination to make themselves formidable opponents.


Brawlers are always spoiling for a fight and revel in using their body and fists as weapons. There skillset is an asset in any bar room brawl and is sure to draw a crowd. Some brawlers are so at ease with this fighting style that they may at times bring it to bear in a more conventional battlefield. Insulting a brawler will likely end with you unconscious.


No matter what race you are, being big has its advantages. A behemoth is unnaturally large for their respective race, often allowing them to even the odds against normally larger foes. Whether it be a fabled Halfling that was said to be able to knock an Orc on his arse, or a giant of a Minotaur that was known to stand toe to toe with an Elephant, behemoths make their presence known just by showing up.

A character must have strength and stamina of 13 or higher in order to take Rank of this skill and MUST take it when character is first created. Subsequent ranks can be taken later as a character levels up.

Requires: relatively high Stamina, Rank 1 at character creation

Mutually Exclusive with Juggernaut – cannot have both