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Earth Magic

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School of Magic Earth
Domain Elemental
Polarity Order
Realm of Origin The Forge
Associated Colors Brown, Metallic Grey, Earth Tones
Associated Materials Base Metal, Clay
Crafting/Enchanting Material Thaumatite Ore
School of Powers Earth
Academic Name Geomancy
Traditional Name Lore of Land
School of Powers, Volatile Metal
Academic Name Ferromancy
Traditional Name Lore of Metal

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Passive Effects

Earth Damage

  • All Earth and Metal Powers are considered to cause Earth Damage

Other passive effects for Earth Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Earth Power Passives

Crushing Force

  • Applies to any Earth (or Metal) Power that includes ‘Crushing Force’ in its description
  • Anytime a Crushing Force power is cast on the same target is gains +1 damage and +2 Crushing Blow, stacking up to 3 times
  • Crushing Force also cuts any Damage Absorption and/or Damage Negation by half, regardless of the number of stacks

Metal Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Metal Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Piercing Force

  • Applies to any Metal Power that includes ‘Piercing Force’ in its description
  • Piercing Force powers have -3 Armor Piercing per Tier of the power and 1 dam per rnd Bleed effect per Tier of the power


Every time a volatile metal power is used, residual liquid metal begins to agglomerate upon the casters own body. As it solidifies the caster gains some defensive benefit, but loses mobility. If left unchecked the caster will eventually become completely immobilized. This agglomerated metal will slowly dissipate on its own over time, but if the excess volatile metal is quickly vented off it will typically cause an explosion of shrapnel, as deadly to the caster as it is to anyone nearby.

  • For each Volatile Metal stack: gain +5 Armor, but reduce movement by 1/4
  • after 4 stacks the caster becomes Rooted
  • after 5 stacks the caster becomes Immobilized

Earth & Metal Power List

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