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Combat Specialist

Combat specializations are unique fighting styles for player characters. Combat Specialists spend long hours at practice to master a particular fighting style, and as such most classes can only learn a single Combat Specialization. Knights and Martial Artists are an exception to this rule and may learn up to two Combat Specializations.

Any bonuses or skills gained through Combat Specializations only apply while fighting in the styles outlined for each Specialization. If for some reason during combat you no longer meet the requirement for that Combat Specialization (i.e. Paired Weapon Specialist that has their off hand weapon disarmed) all benefits immediate cease until the condition is met again.

Faith and Spirit classes are not eligible for Combat Specializations unless they are mixed classes possessing one of the Primary Skill sets listed in the overview below as part of their mixed class.

Specialization Style Fury Vigor Honor Focus Stealth
Sword and Board 1H Weapon & Shield   yes yes    
Duelist Weapon & Empty Hand yes yes yes yes yes
Great Weapon 2H Weapon yes yes yes yes  
Paired Weapon 2 Identical Weapons yes yes yes yes yes
Freestyle 2 Mixed Weapons yes yes yes yes yes
Sharp Shooter Bow/Crossbows @ long range   yes   yes yes
Skirmisher Bows/Crossbows @ short range   yes   yes yes
Peltast Throwing Weapons   yes   yes yes
Bow Casting Bows/Crossbows/Firearms combined with Spirit/Faith powers yes yes yes   yes
Warder Any weapon with a ward-off   yes yes yes yes
Mounted Any weapons while mounted yes yes yes    
Pugilist Unarmed (Focus)       yes  
Self Defense Defense (Focus)       yes  
Light Armor Dodge multipliers yes yes yes yes yes
Heavy Armor Reduced triple layer penalties yes yes yes    

Note: Some classes may be further restricted due to a lack of proficiency (natural or trained) with a particular type of weapon(s) required for that combat style (i.e., Wizards cannot gain proficiency with shields, therefore despite being an Honor class Sword & Board is not a valid choice).

Sword and Board

The sword and board fighting specialization actually refers to wielding any eligible weapon in the main hand and a shield in the off hand. While this is a popular specialization for high defense tanks, it can assist in in some offensive builds as well.
Mutually Exclusive with Freestyle – cannot have both


The Duelist wields any type of weapon in the main hand with no weapon in the off hand. This style blends versatility and speed, making it ideal in one-on-one combat. The Duelist specialization also grants certain classes added flexibility, allowing them to use their off hand for casting spirit or faith powers, or can simply allow for other tricks on the battlefield that might require a free hand. This style is popular among those that wield weapons that can be used both in one or two hands,  potentially increasing damage by adding the empty off hand to their main hand weapon to inflict two handed damage when required. A free hand can also be useful for those that combine weapon based attacks with unarmed Focus attacks, allowing them a potent off hand attack.
Mutually Exclusive with Great Weapon – cannot have both