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Twilight Magic

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School of Magic Twilight
Domain Arcane
Polarity Balance
Realm of Origin The Realm of Dreams
Associated Colors Magenta, Pink, Orange, Pale Green, Silver
Associated Materials Moonstone
Crafting/Enchanting Material Lunarite
School of Powers Dream
Academic Name Oneiromancy
Traditional Name Lore of Dusk
School of Powers, Volatile Lunar
Academic Name Lunarmancy
Traditional Name Lore of Moons

Radical theories on the nature of magic are plentiful, and numerous conjecture has been put forward by practitioners of the spiritual arts throughout the ages. However, one dominant theory among scholars, regarding the Arcane Domain, postulates that a balance must exist between Light and Dark magic. If so, then a realm of balance must exist between the order of the Dawn Realm and the chaos of the Void. If this is the case, then the Realm of Twilight would give rise to its own school of magic. While to many this is a fringe theory, it is rumored that there are those who practice Twilight magic in secret. Shunned and marginalized by both the Light and Dark colleges, the academic communities seem inclined to ignore this school of magic.  However, among less formal and judgmental communities, Twilight magic does indeed thrive.

Just as when day turns to night, so too does Twilight magic exist in glorious hues of magenta and orange, or bathed in silvery moonlight. With many of its spells drawing on the unique balance of light and dark, dusk brings a potency against creatures of both origins, making it extremely useful in the Arcane Domain. With an innate calming and peaceful effect, Dream powers lull even the most vigilant into magical slumber.  The lines between the waking and dreaming world begin to blur, allowing casters to enter a dream state that causes their powers to become ever more potent. As that line between reality and dreams softens, the caster’s eyes are said to glow with the colorful reflections of limitless potential and their bodies begin to blur as part of their form traverses the Realm of Dreams. From within the Realm of Dreams, possibilities become near infinite as the shackles of the physical world and its laws fall away. Dreams are powerful; bearing portents of things to come or glimpses into the hopes and fears of all creatures. As such, they can be used as a weapon, sharper than any sword and striking harder than any hammer. Perhaps the true danger of dreams is the strange peace and contentment that comes from giving oneself over to their slumbering embrace.

There is, however, a volatility to this seemingly tranquil and serene form of magic. As the sun sets and the shadows of night seek to creep across the world, it is the moon that has its time, bathing the land in its otherworldly light. For those who lean fully into the power of Twilight, Lunar powers provide a potent arsenal of mind-altering effects and even delve into the mysterious lunar curses of Lycanthropy. While the many moons that orbit an untold number of planets are each different and possess their own unique magics and even personalities, one trait persists for those who harness their magic: lunacy. The effects of Lunar Powers can drive even the wisest druid, wizard, or runeweaver to utter madness and reduce a highly disciplined mage, assassin, or battlemage into a gibbering fool. For some this is a risk worth taking, for though Lunar powers are poorly understood by most, they possess an incredible potential to bend the world to the caster’s will.

Passive Effects

Twilight Damage

    • Twilight damage is its own damage type, however, if a target has a sensitivity to light damage and/or shadow damage, it also has a sensitivity to twilight damage

    Other passive effects for Twilight Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Dream Power Passives

Applies to Dream Powers only NOT Lunar Powers


  • Any time a target is effected by a spell with ‘Drowsy’ in the description, they become Drowsy for 1 full round, suffering -10 resistance to Twilight spells.
  • ANY twilight spell (Dream or Lunar) successfully cast on a target already under the effects of Drowsy, once its own effects are completed, puts the target to Sleep if failing an unmodified Mental Resist.
  • This sleep effect is treated similar to the Deep Sleep spell, except that the duration is only 1 round or 10 minutes outside of combat.


  • After any successful casting of a Dream power, when the spell completes the caster receives 1 stack of Dream State, up to a maximum of the highest Tier of the Caster. Many spells scale based on the stacks of Dream State available.
  • As the caster’s body sinks deeper into the dream state, their form begins to blur, gaining +3AC per stack of Dreamstate 
  • Taking damage of any kind or NOT casting a Dream power in a given round causes one stack to fall off.

Lunar Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Lunar Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Lunar Empowerment

  • All Lunar Powers cost 10%  less Spirit (always at least 1 less) and have +5% critical casting chance when the caster is standing in moonlight


With every cast, Lunar powers increase the caster’s Lunacy, risking madness if cast without restraint

  • more coming soon…

    Dream & Lunar Power List

    See Spirit Disciplines & Archetypes for detailed descriptions of each Discipline and Archetype (including its Critical Cast and Miscast results). Use the filters below to refine your search.

    DEVELOPMENT NOTE: Volatile Twilight powers (Lunar) are still currently under development, and a full list of at least 25 Lunar powers will be released at a later date.