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Fey Creatures

Fey Creatures are beings of the Second Creation that possess supernatural or otherworldly powers or properties. The Fey are thought to exist in two realms simultaneously. One being their original Realm of Origin and the other being the Realm of Strife.

While not definitively immortal creations, it is very difficult to truly end their existence, for even if their physical body is destroyed in the Realm of Strife, some piece of their spirit still exists in another Realm. This allows them to eventually reform their physical bodies or be reborn in some sense in the Realm of Strife. When slain, some remnant of their physical body remains behind as a lifeless husk while their true essence lingers on, in some cases for days at a time, though more often only briefly. Inevitably, their spirit is always drawn back into the Realm where it belongs. Their it may abide for years or even eons before manifesting anew in the Realm of Strife.

Due to their close natural attunement to spiritual energies they are often highly prized as familiars for practitioners of the Spiritual Arts. In some cases Fey Creatures are drawn forth against their will to serve their masters. Others willingly serve, seeing it as an easy opportunity to once again return to the Realm of Strife.

Fey metaraces are divided into two broad categories;

Fey Folk: typically of humanoid or proto-humanoid form, but possessing physical and spiritual traits of the Realm of Origin from which the hail

Fey Beasts: coming in all the standard metaraces found among common beasts

  • Aquatic
  • Arthropod
  • Avian
  • Invertebrate
  • Mammal
  • Reptile