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First Creation

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The First Creation were beings comprised purely of Spirit form, created as agents of the Divine to drive back chaos and establish the Realm of Eternity. From them would arise the origins of good and evil, for when some among them rebelled and became the evil that is known as Demons, those that remained became the good that is known as Angels.

Since that time they have forever been at war with each other. While the angels power and numbers should have allowed them to easily defeat the demons, their lack of physical form prevented them from winning any lasting victory. Bound by the Laws of Creation, they could push the demons back, but never completely eradicate their evil. This gave rise to a second rebellion, when beings of the First Creation joined with willing beings of the Third Creation. Their offspring would become known as the Nephilim, embracing chaos as their birthright, in order to carry on the fight against evil.

While the tale of the Nephilim is a mere fable, Angels are certainly known to exist, and even at times manifest in the Realm of Strife to aid the mortals under their care. Thus, the First Creation is divided into two separate orders:

(See the Creation Mythos page for more information on the First Creation and their war with the Abomination of Creation)