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First Creation

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The First Creation were beings comprised purely of Spirit form, created as agents of the Divine to drive back chaos and establish the Realm of Eternity. From them would arise the origins of good and evil, for when some among them rebelled and became the evil that is known as Demons, those that remained became the good that is known as Angels.

Since that time they have forever been at war with each other. While the angels power and numbers should have allowed them to easily defeat the demons, their lack of physical form prevented them from winning any lasting victory. Bound by the Laws of Creation, they could push the demons back, but never completely eradicate their evil.

At the outset of the War of Souls, some among the angelic hosts came to see the the Laws of Creation as a chain which bound them from seeing victory over their enemy. These angels rejected the Laws of Creation and embraced chaos, that they might pursue their crusade against the great evil of the Hell domain without limitation or constraint. For this they were exiled from the Tower of Eternity, granted permanent physical form to survive outside the divine realm but in doing so dooming themselves, for if their immortal bodies are struck down their is no return for them. These became know as Fallen Angels, or simply the Fallen, as their insatiable desire to wipe out evil had caused them to forever fall from the grace of the eternal realm. While the Fallen are small in number compared to the rest of the Angels they are immensely powerful in their permanent physical form. But no matter how powerful they may be, they can still perish in battle, making their numbers finite. Fortunately, as the War of Souls drags on, they are able to bolster their ranks from among those Angels that have become frustrated with the constant cycle of victory and retreat, and instead choose to become the Fallen in the hopes of winning a final victory over evil.

Sometime during the process of Creation, speculated to be after the Third Creation takes form, other heavenly creatures comprised of the essence of the First Creation also came to be formed. It is believed that these fantastical supernatural creatures originated among the myriad of beasts and other such creatures that populated the primal paradise of Eden. As the foundation of the Tower Eternity is thought to touch Eden, which itself grew out of the Shores of Eternity, the spirits of some creatures were infused with the spirit of the First Creation, creating new creatures possessing not only a divine nature, but also a sentience and intelligence beyond that of their original forms. Though originating in the balanced polarity of Eden, with physical forms suffused with the divine order of the Spirit of the First creation, they were allowed to shelter within the lower floors of the Tower of Eternity when the great calamity of the Downfall occurred. While so many were forced to leave the paradise that was Eden, these heavenly creatures survived without issue and eventually were able to leave the tower and repopulate and flourish upon Eden. While these Heavenly Creatures do not directly serve Order, they will never forget the benevolence shown to them when the Angels allowed to them to shelter in the Tower of Eternity, so they are quick to ally with them against the forces of the Hell Domain, some even offering themselves up as mighty mounts and engines of war.

While most information regarding the First Creation is based upon fable and myth, angelic creatures are certainly known to exist, and even at times manifest in the Realm of Strife to aid the mortals under their care. While most among the First Creation are benevolent in nature, the First Creation itself took place before the concept of good and evil actually existed. The first three orders within the First Creation are identified within the context of the Codex of Creation based on their respective polarity:

See “A Creation in Three Parts” for more information on the First Creation and their war with the Abomination of Creation.

A fourth order is thought to exist outside of this, as a further extension of the First Creation, but one that remained outside of the schism between good and evil. Colossal spiritual beings known as Titans, they are singular in their commitment to upholding Creation. By design, they either ignore or are wholly unaware of the conflict between Heaven and Hell. Instead they pursue a unfeeling divine calculus that only they can truly understand, ensuring that creation and order are never lost to chaos, regardless of the cost to those that live within creation.

  • Titans (neutral-order)