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Wunderkin is a city-state that rivals even Volanthia in its fantastical nature. But rather than magical, its wonders are of a mechanical and technological nature. It is a city built out of a mountain,  though now difficult to even distinguish as such due to the many “improvements” the eccentric gnomes have made that call it home. Mount Wunderkin, as it is often called, is the birthplace of all gnomish ingenuity and science. They live in relative isolation as most other races know it’s safer to simply keep their distance. Rumour has it that deep within their city can be found passageways that connect into the network of tunnels known as the Angenway, built by their dwarven cousins in the Kingdom of Angveldt. However, while gnomes can often be found living and working in the dwarven kingdom, Wunderkin remains a city for the gnomes to call their own, a fact of which they are eternally proud.

Current Leader: PrimeFacilitatorAndOtherwiseImportantHeadOfStateAndExemplarOfGnomishIngenuity (aka Prime Facilitator) Gorbin Turfwaddle

Major Factions

There are six major factions within the Gnomish City State of Wunderkin, each vying for power and resources, but most importantly funding for their research. The Steamworks Guild currently holds the most power, and as such their leader Gorbin Turfwaddle carries the title of Prime Facilitator of Wunderkin (short for:  PrimeFacilitatorAndOtherwiseImportantHeadOfStateAndExemplarOfGnomishIngenuity)

Tinkers Union

A hardworking union of blue-collar gnomish generalists

Steamworks Guild

A guild devoted to steam powered technology, and the current ruling faction, 

Clockworks Guild

A guild devoted to clockwork technology


Unified Front for the Advancement of Magi-tech


Society for the Knowledge of Alchemical or Technological Advancement Belonging to Obtrusive or Otherwise Massive Explosions

Machine Cult

A group of fanatical gnomes who believe that flesh is obsolete and that through mechanic augmentation the gnomish race can achieve perfection