Demo Characters

This is a list of fully functional level 4 demo characters, with a wide cross section of different races, classes, and roles. Feel free to download and use them. They can be a great tool for showing someone what Realm of Strife is all about.

2017 Demo Characters

The 2017 demo characters provide a a well rounded roster to field as demo party. Recommended party size is four, but regardless of size, a well rounded party should include at least one tank and one healer/support.

Mixed Classes Race Primary Role Basis of Build Pre-made Character Sheet Last Update
Berserker Dwarf Melee Damage Paired Knife Specialist Dwarf Dual-wield Knife Berserker.pdf September 2017
Samurai High Elf Tank High Parry/Avoidance High Elf Parry Tank Samurai.pdf September 2017
Wild Assassin Wild Elf Ranged Damage Poisoned Throwing Weapons Wild Elf Throwing Weapon Assassin.pdf September 2017
Marksman Half-Elf Ranged Damage Bow Specialist Half-Elf Bow Marksman.pdf September 2017
Druid Halfling Support Beast-Caller/Healer Halfling Beast-Caller Support Druid.pdf September 2017


Older Demo Characters

Note: these demo characters do not include any updates from 2015 on…

Full classes are a great place to start if you are just getting used to the basic Realm of Strife class mechanics…

Full Classes Race Primary Role Basis of Build Premade Character Sheet Last Update
Two-Hander Barbarian Human Melee Damage High Critical Hit Out of Date
Sword and Board Knight Human Tank Avoidance Multi Target Tank Human Knight Avoidance Tank.pdf Out of Date
Polearm Soldier Minotaur Tank High Armor Single Target Tank Minotaur Fighter Tank.pdf Out of Date
Shadow Mage High Elf Ranged Damage Glass Cannon High-Elf Shadow Mage.pdf Out of Date
Holy Priest Halfling Healing Back-rank Healer Halfing Holy Priest.pdf Out of Date
Thief Half-Elf Ranged Damage Trap Specialist Half Elf Trap Specialized Thief.pdf Out of Date
Martial Artist High Elf Melee Damage High Mobility & Stun Combo High Elf Mobility Martial Artist.pdf Out of Date

If you’re ready to dive in and see how different class mechanics can interact to make entirely new classes check out this selection of mixed classes…

Mixed Classes Race Primary Role Basis of Build Premade Character Sheet Last Update
Pit Fighter Half-Orc Melee Damage High Crit, High Fury Generation Half Orc Pit Fighter.pdf Out of Date
Swashbuckler Gnome Support Sabotage Specialist w/ First Aid Gnome Sabotage Bard.pdf Out of Date
Primal Earth Druid Dwarf Tank/Support Meat Shield AoE Tank Dwarf Primal Earth Druid Tank.pdf Out of Date
Psionic Paladin Centaur Healing Front-rank Healer Centaur Psionic Paladin Healer.pdf Out of Date
Dual Wield Warrior Orc Melee Damage Dual Wield Fury Generation Orc Dual Wield Warrior.pdf Out of Date