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Demo Characters

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This is a list of fully functional level 4 demo characters, with a wide cross section of different races, classes, and roles. Feel free to download and use them. They can be a great tool for showing someone what Realm of Strife is all about. Recommended party size is four, but regardless of size, a well rounded party should include at least one tank and one healer/support.

2020 Demo Characters

This first batch of demo characters provides a well rounded roster to field as a demo party, with exposure to all seven of the core class mechanics that make up Realm of Strife’s Dynamic Class System. More will be added throughout 2020.

Name Class Race Primary Role Basis of Build Pre-made Character Sheet Published
Arolthus the Halforc Zealot (Fury/Faith) Half-Orc Melee Damage/Healing Hybrid Paired hand Weapon Specialist with a mix of Holy Powers to supplement damage and heal allies DEMO Zealot v1.3 January 2020
Gauldric Aldumere Knight (Full Honor) Human Tank Sword & board, high armor single target tank DEMO Knight v1.3 January 2020
Mute of the Athel-Leaf Tribe Ranger (Stealth/Vigor) Wild Elf Ranged Damage Bow Specialist with animal training for combat pets DEMO Ranger v1.3 January 2020
Bloodbrood the Cleaver Battlemage (Spirit/Vigor) Minotaur Melee/Ranged Damage hybrid High crit chance Pyromancer wielding two handed axes DEMO Battlemage v1.3 February 2020
Tsaal Tal’inara Martial Artist (Full Focus) High Elf Melee damage High mobility, multi attack DEMO Martial Artist v1.3 February 2020
Khali Starsong Druid (Faith/Spirit) Halfling Support/Healing Celestial and Primal support caster with Beast Calling capabilties DEMO Druid v1.3 March 2020
Abolish Warrior (Vigor/Fury) Orc Melee Damage Steady damage output with dual wield axes DEMO Warrior v1.3 April 2020

2017 Demo Characters

The 2017 demo characters provide a well rounded roster to field as demo party. However with more recent updates to Realm of Strife they are now out of date. They are schedule to be updated sometime in the first half of 2020.

Mixed Classes Race Primary Role Basis of Build Pre-made Character Sheet Last Update
Berserker Dwarf Melee Damage Paired Knife Specialist Dwarf Dual-wield Knife Berserker September 2017 (Out of Date)
Samurai High Elf Tank High Parry/Avoidance High Elf Parry Tank Samurai September 2017 (Out of Date)
Wild Assassin Wild Elf Ranged Damage Poisoned Throwing Weapons Wild Elf Throwing Weapon Assassin September 2017 (Out of Date)
Marksman Half-Elf Ranged Damage Bow Specialist Half-Elf Bow Marksman September 2017 (Out of Date)