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While Order and Chaos had been at odds long before Good and Evil existed, Demons were the first true representation of Evil. Not only did they rebel against the First Creation, seeking to unravel the Order of Creation and return all things back to Chaos, they did so with selfish and malevolent intent. Demon’s thrive on pain and suffering, and pursue ever changing goals based on their own personal whims. The only time they are united in common purpose, is when a demon more powerful or more influential forces them to do so. Even then, they are constantly looking for a chance to overthrow their masters and seek their own ends. As such the Realm of Hell, the true home of the Abomination of Creation, is a violent and treacherous place even for the demons who lord over the mortal souls that are held captive there in eternal torment.

The Codex of Creation separates demons into several Metaraces, based on the general aims of each, and ranked from least powerful or significant to most:

Sin Demons

Sin Demons are the first and most numerous demonic race, dedicated to corrupting mortals of the Third creation by leading them ever deeper into sin. The ultimate goal of most Sin Demons is either consuming their souls or capturing their souls in Hell at the behest of their masters.

Sin Demons come in seven varieties or breeds,” one for each of the seven deadly sins: Read more…

Succubi – Demons of Lust

Succubi are shape-shifters and can take on almost any form to suit their need, but their natural form is that of an exceptionally beautiful or desirable humanoid, with only minor features that betray its demonic blood such as small horns and a barbed tail. They also have leathery wings that they can summon forth from their backs at will. As Demons of Lust they excel in offering temptation to mortals, fouling their souls with unspeakable debauchery. Their typical victims are men, but there are of course always exceptions. Succubi avoid combat at all costs, using their natural shape-shifting abilities and sensual figures to charm their way out of most situations. If they must fight they tend towards mental attacks, only resorting to physical combat as a last ditch effort. When forced into service by other demons they once again use their shape shifting abilities to infiltrate the enemy and cause chaos from within.

Devourers – Demons of Gluttony

Devourers are grotesquely bloated and slow moving, usually greenish-yellow with a large mouth situated on their belly, lined with razor sharp teeth. Their appetites are insatiable, and they love to lead mortals down the path of gluttony, whether that be excessive eating, or any of unwholesome appetite taken to the extreme. In combat they are horrific to behold, reveling in slaughter as they consume the corpses of the fallen and shrugging of wounds due to the enormity of their fatty flesh. Demon overlords employ Devourers as front rank heavy melee troops, that can anchor a battle-line even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Mimics – Demons of Greed

While many demons are shape-shifters, the Mimics are the true masters of the art. Naturally they have frail and hunched over bodies with dark skin and narrow yellow eyes, however they are almost never found in this form. Instead they are most fond of of taking on the form of treasure. Many an adventurer has lost and arm when he opened what he thought was a treasure chest only to discover its teeth. Mimics thrive on the greed of mortals, using it as a weapon against them. This makes them highly prized by Overlords for recon and infiltration missions.

Froggorts – Demons of Sloth

Froggorts are sometimes simply referred as Frog Demons due to their frog like features, especially the head and hands. They love nothing more than to lead mortals into a daze of sluggish and unhealthy behavior and are known for polluting wells and befouling streams. To catch the gaze of they enormous bulbous eyes is to find yourself drifting into a dreadful sleep. Though slow moving, they frog like legs allow them to hop long distances when required, and they are quite adept as a ranged support unit within the hordes of the Demonic armies.

Vrock – Demons of Anger

The Vrock are Demons of Anger, and possess large wings and vulture like heads. Their pale skinned bodies are usually dressed in tattered clothing, giving them an overall look of a carrion creature. But as frightening as their form is, it holds nothing compared to the unbridled rage they exude. Even their very blood burns with anger, something they sue to their advantage in combat. Vrock often wade into the thick of battle with thier viciously long claws, but only that they might sustain injuries and fuel their rage. As their blood leaves their body it catches flame and swirls around them. Once they are satisfied they take to the skies and launch their own burning blood against their foes as deadly projectiles. This makes them highly versatile as an aerial support unit. When not fighting, which is seldom enough, they spend their days enticing mortals to ever greater outbursts of uncontrollable anger, leading down a dark and violent path from which their is usually no return.

Incubi – Demons of Envy

More coming soon…

Naga – Demons of Pride

…lower half of a massive serpent upper half is humanoid…

Realm Demons

Realm Demons are dedicated to corrupting the fundamental elements and components of Creation by taking pieces of the Second Creation as their own, infusing their forms with the essence of one of the Realms of Origin. While not as numerous as Sin Demons, they comprise the largest variety of breeds.

Ruinous Demons

Ruin Demons are dedicated to corrupting and undermining the individual pillars upon which creation and civilizations are founded, either in the pursuit of chaos, or by the devilish will of their masters. Able to manipulate significance forces, they are a dangerous and subversive race of demons.

Apocalypse Demons

Apocalypse Demons are dedicated to bringing about the end of all creation, all realms, all Kingdoms, and all things, in order to return the multiverse to chaos. They are very rare, but extremely powerful and ambitious, even as lowly imps. As such the Overlords of  the Apocalypse are careful to keep the ranks thinned, lest they be overthrown by their underlings.

Demonic Ranks

Imprelatively weak, though very mischievous, often treated as pets by demon summoners
Lessermajority of demons, moderately powerful
Greaterthose demons which have risen above the horde by consuming or corrupting enough souls, quite powerful in their own right
Overlordthe right hand of the Demon Princes, exceptionally powerful as an individual entity, but made even more powerful by legions of demons at their command
SpawnA hideous and malformed amalgamation of a demon and a being of the Third Creation. So named because they appear to spawn from the corpse of a mortal who dies an untimely death while serving demons or dabbling in demonic powers. They can form as a version of any demonic race, typically dependent on the the class of the mortal from which they spawn.
Princethe most powerful of their kind, often ruling over entire regions of the Realm of Hell or even worshiped as gods in various Realms elsewhere in the full expanse of Creation (i.e. Cerebus the Bloodthirster), so powerful that they are outside the scope of the Codex of Creation

Hell Powers

Demons have access to hellish powers that are beyond the reach of mere mortals, a corruption of the Angelic powers they once possessed. These powers are rooted in the Realm of Hell itself, but are fueled by the pain and suffering of the rest of creation. Hell Powers, are treated as a Faith power, but  do not require Faith Difficulty rolls and can instead be used an unlimited # of times so long as the demon has dealt damage during their previous turn. Hell Powers are treated similar to Demonic Faith powers (in terms of hit, crit, resist, etc…) but can only be used by true demons. See individual entries for each type and class of demon to see which powers from this list they have access to.

Codex of Demons

The Codex of Demons is the master list of all Demons available as enemies for Realm of Strife GMs. While the framework for all known demons exists, not all entries are currently complete. It does not contain all known demons, but the list continues to expand as designers create new entries in the codex.

If you are looking for a demon that does not appear in this list please post a comment on this page to request that an entry be added to the codex and we will endeavor to publish your request in a timely manner.