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Undead are categorized by a metarace that indicates their relative state of decay rather than their original source metarace:

  • Turned Undead (includes Vampires, Ghouls, adn other Vampiric Creatures)
  • Cadaverous Undead (includes Walking Corpses, Soulbound Lazar, Necrotech, and other Cadaverous Undead Creatures)
  • Zombified Undead (includes Zombies, Wights, and other Zombie Creatures)
  • Skeletal Undead (includes Skeletons, Liches, and other Skeletal Undead Creatures)
  • Mummified Undead (includes Mummies, Royal Mummies, and other Mummified Undead Creatures)
  • Disembodied Undead (includes Ghosts, Wraiths, Death Knights, and other Ethereal Undead Creatures)
  • Assembled Undead (a special category that can include any of the above, however the undead is assembled from a variety of mismatched parts or even just a large quantity of parts, i.e. Obelisks, Horrors, and Hulks)

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