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Volanthia, also known as the City of Mages, is a semi-autonomous city-state located within the human kingdom of Tolgatha. Founded over two centuries ago, it is ruled by the nine Archmages of the Grand Council and only permits permanent residence within its walls to practitioners of the spiritual arts. Volanthia and its adjacent holdings remain a vassal state, owing fealty to the Patriarch-King of Tolgatha yet still in charge of its own destiny.

Following the events of the Mage Rebellion, all practitioners of the spiritual arts were forced into exile from the southern kingdom of Leonen. With nowhere else to go, the surviving mages of Leonen led these practitioners north to Tolgatha where the human wizards of the Magi Caste still held significant power. With the help of the Magi, they negotiated for a piece of land that the Tolgathans viewed as barren and worthless. In return, Volanthia would provide additional resources to the Magi Caste to assist in the defense of Tolgatha.  It was agreed that so long as resources and taxes flowed uninterrupted into the Tolgathan treasury, the City of Mages would largely be left to govern itself.

On this land, the mages and other displaced practitioners of the spiritual arts created a city of wonders beyond imagining. Here, the spiritual arts were encouraged, nurtured, and celebrated in all of their forms. Mages, battlemages, wizards, and even assassins stood side by side to build Volanthian society and citizenship. They continue to stand united even to this day, fiercely ready to defend their city and way of life from any outside threat.

Throughout Tolgatha and beyond, any child that exhibits gifting in the spiritual arts is sent to Volanthia to develop their skills. If their families lack the gift and yet wish to accompany their child, they are permitted to settle in one of two areas outside of the City of Mages alongside the other “mundies,” or non-magic users; rarely allowed within the walls of the city itself. 

The first of these areas is known as the Outer City; a shantytown of rough and tumble merchants, peddlers, and miscreants, which has slowly grown up around the main gates of Volanthia. However, with the Outer City being utterly unsafe except along the main road into Volanthia, most mundie families choose to settle in the villages which provide agriculture support to the City of Mages. While this becomes a form of self-imposed serfdom, to have a son or daughter included in Volanthian society is worth more than the price they pay. To some outsiders, this system seems flawed and unjust. It has, however, served Volanthia well for over two hundred years as the city continues to flourish under the rule of the Grand Council of Archmages.

Current Governance: The Grand Council of Volanthia (made up of the Seven Archmages)

As Volanthia grew in prestige, many flocked to the safety of its enchanted walls. Not just from Leonen, where magic had been outlawed, but all throughout Norlanin. Volanthia was seen as a beacon of safety and acceptance to those who were often misunderstood and ill-treated. Even less conventional spirit users found a home in Volanthia; shamans and runeweavers wandered out of the wilder places of the world to join Volanthian society. Only druids continue to remain at odds with Volanthia, for their views of the spiritual arts are vastly different. Though technically welcome in Volanthia, they are not permitted to live or study within the City of Mages and are refused permanent citizenship.

In Volanthia there are ten Colleges of Magic: one for each of the nine schools of Spirit Powers, in addition to the Volanthian Academy of the Spiritual Arts (VASA) which acts as a secondary school for young spirit users.

The ten Colleges of Volanthia are as follows:

Name of College

School of Magic


(all mages)

Accepted Classes 

The Volanthian Academy of Spiritual Arts (VASA)


Octavia Grant

(human female)

All classes, up to T1 only (not including Druids)

The Arcanum

Common Arcane

Kalaman Istil

(half-elf male)

All except Shamans & Druids

The Luminous Spire


Meldon Dusker

(human male)

All except Shamans & Druids

The Black Tower


Ceanna Longshadow

(halfling female)

All except Shamans & Druids

The Pyrehall


Hestal Browley

(human male)

All except Druids

The Sapphire Haven


Leandis Stillwater

(half-elf female)

All except Druids

The Floating Citadel


Elandros Mordane

(human male)

All except Druids

The Undermaze


Snevlin Boomdimple

(gnome male)

All except Druids

The Eternus Arboretum


Shai’asah Eldaris

(wild elf female)

All except Druids

The Apex Observatory


Miah Dalara

(high elf female)

All except Druids