Volanthia, also known as the City of Mages, is a semi-autonomous City State located within the Human Kingdom of Tolgatha. Ruled by the seven Archmages of the Grand Council, Volanthia and its two adjacent villages remain a vassal state owing fealty to the Patriarch-King of Tolgatha.

Following the events of the Mage Rebellion, all practitioners of the Spiritual arts were forced into exile from the Southern Kingdom of Leonen. With nowhere else to go, the surviving mages of Leonen led them north to Tolgatha, where the Human Wizard’s of the Magi caste still held significant power . With the help of the Magi they negotiated for a piece of land that the Tolgathans viewed as barren and worthless. In return Volanthia would provide additional resources to Magi Caste to assist in the defense of Tolgatha.

From this land they created a city of wonders beyond imagining. Here the spiritual arts are encouraged, nurtured, and celebrated, in all their forms. Throughout Tolgatha, and beyond, any child that exhibits gifting in the spiritual arts is sent to Volanthia to develop their skills. If their families wish to accompany them they are permitted to settle in one of the outlying villages which provide agricultural support to the City of Mages, but rarely are they allowed within the walls of the city itself. While this becomes a sort of self imposed serfdom, to have a son or daughter included in Volanthian society is more than worth the price they pay. To some outsiders this system seems flawed but it has served Volanthia well and under the rule of the Archmages the city flourishes.