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Blank Character Sheet

Realm of Strife™ > Characters  > Character Creation > Blank Character Sheet

A blank character sheet is provided below in two formats. Print out a copy and fill it in manually in the tried and true “pen & paper” style or you can insert your character information digitally prior to printing. You can also run your character sheet purely digital on a tablet or other device.

Please note: a recent update has changed Initiative Score to use a d20 instead of a d12. This change has not been included in v1.3 of the Character Sheets above. But will be included in a future update coming soon.

You can also use the Realm of Strife Character Creation Tool to level up your gameplay experience. This tool significantly reduces the time it takes to create a character and also makes it simple to apply level ups as your character gains experience. Significant portions of the character creation process are automated and your skills will always remain up to date. The tool is under active development, with new features added whenever possible.

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