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Risk Tables

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Risk Tables are a supplementary set of rules to be used in conjunction with Secondary Skills when players decide to pursue a particular business venture or other such non-combat related task.

Please note, this is a work in progress, and more Risk Tables for specific Secondary Skills may be added at a later date.

General Risk Table for Secondary Skills

This table can be used for a variety of Secondary skills that produce marketable goods or services. This DOES NOT apply to the success chance of creating the goods but could be used when attempting to sell those goods (i.e. Tailors have their own built in success tables for creating cloth armor, but could use the Risk tables below when they bring some of their cloth armor to a town market for sale). GMs may want to apply modifiers to the generic risk table rolls depending on the environment or location. For example, to reflect a high risk high reward environment a GM could increase the chance of BOTH a critical failure and a critical success by 10%, and reduce the chances of a standard success or failure by 10% each (I.e. selling crafted goods on the docks of a pirate town is far more risky than selling crafted goods in a city market that is well patrolled by guards).

Before rolling on the risk table, indicate to your GM specifically what it is you are trying to do (i.e. don’t simply say attempting to mine, say entering the caves near our camp to attempt to mine for gold).

Roll 1d100 and reference the chart below:

Outcome Untrained @Rank1 @Rank2 @Rank3+ Effect Some Examples
Critical Success 100 96-100 96-100 96-100 2x reward, may lead to repeat customers and/or +1 reputation Sell twice as many products as expected or for twice the price, and a local merchant takes notice and offers you an exclusive contract to sell from his store front
Favorable Success 91-99 81-95 76-95 71-95 1.5x reward, may lead to repeat customers and/or +1 reputation Sell for 1.5x the price and gain a name in that town for your superior goods
Success 66-90 51-80 41-75 31-70 standard reward Sell exactly what you were trying to sell for the standard price
Failure 31-65 21-50 16-40 11-30 no reward, no penalty Find no customers
Serious Failure 11-30 6-20 6-15 6-10 no reward, negative consequences (i.e. goods damaged) and/or may incur a minor to serious injury Market stall catches fire, damaging goods and causing minor burns
Critical Failure 1-10 1-5 1-5 1-5 no reward, significant negative consequences (i.e. goods stolen/lost) and/or may incur a critical injury Local cartel takes offense to you hawking goods on their turf; they confiscate your wares, stab you in the gut and leave you for dead.


The Performer Risk table is used specifically for the Performer secondary skill, which already has a defined income system in place (see: Performer). Once you’ve explained to your GM what you are attempting to do, roll 1d100 and reference the chart below:

@ Rank1 @ Rank2 @ Rank3 Outcome Effect
96 to 100 95 to 100 94 to 100 Critical Success Gain 1 reputation of appropriate type and an additional 1d100% profit
66 to 95 55 to 94 44 to 93 Things go according to plan for once No extra effects
61 to 65 52 to 54 43 Performance goes poorly No real negative effects other than a bruised ego
56 to 60 47 to 51 39 to 42 Come down with a cold or other minor illness Can’t perform that week
51 to 55 43 to 46 37 to 38 Pockets are picked while busy performing Lose equivalent of 1d10 SP @ Lv1, 1d6 GP @ Lv2, 1d6+6 GP @ Lv3
46 to 50 40 to 42 36 Patrons re-neg or hold back on payment Income from that performance reduced by 1d100%
36 to 45 36 to 39 35 Performance goes terrible Lose 1 reputation of appropriate type
34 to 35 34 to 35 33 to 34 The heart of a particular fan is so stirred or moved that they become infatuated Infatuated fan follows you for a minimum of 1d3 weeks unless otherwise dissuaded
33 32 to 33 30 to 32   As above, but gets in the way and prevents performances for the duration
n/a 30 to 31 27 to 29 After a rather stunning performance a group  of crazed fans latch on to you Crazed fans follow you for a minimum of 1d3 weeks unless otherwise dissuaded
n/a 29 25 to 26   As above, but must roll 1 extra risk roll when performing for the duration
25 to 32 24 to 28 24 Local customs and culture can be tough to navigate! You unknowingly perform something in-appropriate or offensive to your patrons Run out of town/location by angry mob
21 to 24 21 to 23 23   As above, plus permanently banded from performing or ever returning to that location
17 to 20 17 to 20 18 to 22 Accused (possibly falsely) of sleeping with someones spouse, lover, etc… Threatened/Chased off or Single combat (sometimes to the death) with offended party
n/a 16 15 to 17   As above, plus contract put out on you (anything from a good beating to your head)
14 to 16 11 to 15 8 to 14 Roughed up by rivals/critics after a performance Cannot perform for next 1d3 weeks
6 to 13 6 to 10 6 to 7 Come down with a serious illness Can’t perform again until treated/healed
1 to 5 2 to 5 4 to 5 Robbed by rivals/critics after a performance Lose all gold and silver on hand
n/a 1 1 to 3 One of your patrons decides they can’t be without your art Imprisoned or otherwise forced to continue to perform at their behest