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Survival Skills

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Survival skills are a school of secondary skills that focus on the character’s ability to navigate and thrive in the wilderness, react to danger, handle emergencies, and adapt to challenging environments. They provide characters with tools and abilities to overcome the challenges faced when venturing beyond the safety of civilization and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. These skills may enhance a character’s ability to avoid dangerous encounters, find sustenance, treat injuries, or gain an advantage in stealthy or tactical situations. They reflect a character’s resourcefulness, instincts, and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Many survival skills also allow characters to passively sustain a self-sufficient lifestyle during down time by living off the land.


Bushcraft is an essential set of skills for those who live their lives in the wild or spend a great deal of time traveling off the beaten path. This makes it an ideal choice for solo adventurers but also highly valuable when traveling with companions that are unaccustomed to life in the wild. Bushcraft encompasses a variety of skills, from simple techniques to start fires, basic tracking and navigational skills, and even advanced methods of using the natural world to your advantage in any situation.

Requires: relatively high Wisdom or Perception

Extra Sensory Perception

There exist those that are gifted with exceptionally keen senses. Some even say that they are so gifted that they can sense events moments before they actually happen.

Requires: relatively high Perception