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Traits & Titles

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Creature Traits

Creature traits are common keywords used throughout the Codex of Creation to denote particular modifiers, skills, or abilties a creature possesses. All Codex of Creation entries include the details of any traits, however the the table below is provided as a reference for all known Creature Traits. Use the Search feature to look up a specific trait.

Creature Titles

The Title system used by the Codex of Creation is designed to make enemy encounters more difficult and/or interesting for both players and GMs. It is also extremely useful when a GM is running an improvised campaign or mission. By applying several additional titles to an enemy it becomes relatively easy to create a boss-style encounter on the fly.

In some cases creature titles may simply apply a creature trait that does not normally apply to a creature, treating it as a title (i.e. Indomitable or Fearsome). More often though, a Creature Title is above an beyonf the normal system of Creature Traits.

Not all CoC Titles are available to every creature, filter the table below by Order to narrow down your results.

Be sure to apply any level ups and extra XP from craftings or enchants prior to applying the XP factor for Titles.

This system is currently under heavy play testing and should be considered as a BETA version only.