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Fire Magic

School of Magic Fire
Domain Elemental
Polarity Chaos
Realm of Origin The Furnace
Associated Colors Red, Orange, Yellow
Associated Materials Ruby, Phoenix Feathers
Crafting/Enchanting Material Brimstone
School of Powers Fire
Academic Name Pyromancy
Traditional Name Lore of Flame
School of Powers, Volatile Caustic
Academic Name Oxymancy
Traditional Name Lore of Acid

Fire magic is the spiritual manifestation of the Forge, a realm where everything burns, either in flame or some other chemcial reaction. The flames of the Forge rage with a caged chaos that provides the heat and warmth that is essential to life, but are also capable of great destruction if unleashed. Always seeking to consume and burn, fire magic is most commonly used for its destructive capabilities, often inflicting persistent damage long after a spell has been cast. Explosive and reactionary, it should be wielded with care.

More dangerous yet, is the multitude of chemical reactions that underpin Forge, burning and consuming with a vigor even more volatile than the chaos of the flame.

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for Fire Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Fire Power Passives

Applies to Fire Powers only NOT Caustic Powers

Heat Seeking

  • Spells with ‘Heat Seeking’ in the description gain +15 to cast or +3 spell damage against any target that is under the effects of periodic fire damage, suffered heat or fire damage on its previous turn, or naturally produces a significant amount of heat.

Caustic Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Caustic Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Corrosion on Impact

  • Most offensive Caustic Powers cause Corrosion on impact (i.e. hits or misses for any reason other than a dodge), where the number of stacks of Corrosion is listed in the powers description

Caustic Effusion

The use of Caustic powers builds up over time, until the caster is shrouded in a corrosive mist or literally oozes corrosive fluids from their flesh

  • Each stack of Volatile Caustic energy counts as a stack of Corrosion on the caster
  • Unlike normal corrosion stacks, those placed on the caster from Volatile powers are removed or fall off in the same manner as volatile stacks
  • Any target in base contact with the caster also receives the same amount of Corrosion stacks (in addition to any they may already have)
  • If Volatile Caustic stacks ever reach as high as your current Charm stat, your next Caustic power auto-crit casts and you immediately and permanently lose 1 charm from scarring, this effect can only occur once per day and cannot reduce charm below 4

Fire & Caustic Power List

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