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High Magic

School of Magic High
Domain Natural
Polarity Balance
Realm of Origin The Cosmos
Associated Colors Silver, Light Grey
Associated Materials Silver, Tranilium
Crafting/Enchanting Material Stardust
School of Powers Celestial
Academic Name Astromancy
Traditional Name Lore of the Heavens
School of Powers, Volatile Temporal
Academic Name Chronomancy
Traditional Name Lore of Time

Lore coming soon…

Passive Effects

Passive Effects for High Magic are unique to each School of Powers:

Celestial Power Passives

Applies to Celestial Powers only NOT Temporal Powers


  • Gain +10% dam or effectiveness of the currently cast power for every persistent spirit effect (of any school) currently on the target (beneficial or negative), crafting/enchants excluded

Temporal Power Passives

Volatile Powers

  • All Temporal Powers are considered Volatile Powers

Temporal Anomaly

Meddling with temporal powers carries great risk, particularly if doing so too often. While consequences are predicable, the temporal anomaly that it creates are anything but.

  • After reaching 4 stacks of Volatile Temporal energy, a Temporal Anomaly forms in a random direction 1d6″ away from the the casters last target
  • The anomaly starts with a radius of 1″, but grows by 1″ for every stack (above 4) of Volatile Temporal energy with within 30″ of it
  • Anomaly remains active until dispelled or corrected using a Temporal Venting Power
  • Any target touched by the anomaly that fails a Natural resistance check experiences a random effect while within the radius

The effects of the temporal anomaly are random (or determined by a GM), examples include:

  1. lost in time (likely never to be seen again)
  2. long forward jump in time (could be days, years, or even centuries)
  3. short forward jump in time (could be seconds or hours, typically to sometime after a battle has ended)
  4. target treated as under the effects of Haste
  5. time loop (target repeats the same turn over and over)
  6. frozen in time (immune to everything, but unable to act)
  7. target treated as under the effects of Slow
  8. short backward jump (could be seconds or hours, may gain special knowledge about a battle)
  9. long backward jump (could be days, years, or even centuries)
  10. split timelines (multiple copies of the target existing, each any have different motivations, or even fight for different sides in a conflict)

Celestial & Temporal Power List

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