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Of all the races that came to exist in the Realm of Strife after the downfall of the Third Creation, it is widely accepted that physically, Humans are truest to the the original form. However, their lifespan was cut drastically short compared to most of the other races. Humans are a industrious race, possessing the strength, determination, and mental capacity to take on a wide variety of roles and vocations. They are also by far the most numerous, with a tendency towards large family units and a heightened drive to reproduce. This is attributed by some to a natural instinct to compensate for their relatively short lifespans. Because of their large population and the belief that they are the closest approximation to the original physical form of the Third Creation, they are often used as a measure to compare other races.

Despite being considered the base humanoid species, humans do possess some of the most variety internal to their species; with height, weight, skin tones, hair color and other such features capable of varying drastically by region, climate, and blood lines. This variety is further encouraged by the fact that Humans can be found living almost anywhere, though they do tend to congregate together. Their societies can be incredibly primitive, organized by tribes or clans that tend to live in wilder regions, but they re also capable of building culturally sophisticated societies, with cities, kingdoms, and even empires stretching over vast territories.

It is said that all humans have a natural born fear of darkness and are never truly comfortable in the absence of light. As well, something within most humans seem to call out to the divine and Holy powers of Creation. There are many who believe that this is evidence that humans are descended from those in closest relationship with the Angels of the First Creation, thus explaining their affinity for Light and Holy powers. However, this certainly should not be confused with a propensity for good versus evil, as Humans are quite capable of both.

Humans are renowned for their ambition; they are capable of great acts of heroism, but also prone to deep character flaws. They are known throughout the lands as smooth talkers and quick thinkers, making them excellent merchants and traders, at ease plying their wares across vast distances on land and sea.

For information regarding some of the more well developed Human civilizations see:

Age: Humans are comparatively short lived among the Third Creation, seldom living more than a century. Despite maturing at much the same rate as other races, their short life span pushes them to assume adulthood in their late teenage years.

Size: Humans can vary widely in their height, some being far less than 5 feet tall while others stand well over 6 feet. This range of heights is the standard measure for Medium sized creatures. Humans weight and build also varies greatly, with the average healthy male easily ranging from 100 to 200lbs. Female humans more often than not are smaller than males, by perhaps 20-30 lbs.

Physical Features: It would be impossible to say what  a typical human looks like as they vary so greatly by region, culture and lineage. Skin tones can range from pale and near white, to dark and near black, with any number of variations in between including tan, brown, and even hints of red or yellow. Hair colors and styles also vary widely, but are mostly some variation of black, brown, blonde, or red. Human hair tends to grey go white with age. Males may grow facial hair, though it can range from thick to sparse, to nearly non-existent.

Languages: Most humans can speak Common, though many are not educated enough to read or write. Among the vast array of cultures and civilizations that make up the human race, there are a myriad of languages and dialects. Humans will tend to also speak a local human dialect in addition to Common.

Affinity: Humans have a racial affinity for Light Magic and Holy Faith (+5% Critical Cast Chance)

Resistant to: none

Stat Modifiers:


Racial Passive: Industrious

Racial Secondary Skill: Haggler OR Sailor OR Craftsman (typically Carpentry or some other craft involving construction)

Initial Gold: varies by class from 105.0 to 300.0


Halflings are similar in many ways to humans, but stand only half as tall, while somehow maintaining the same appetite for food. While they tend to be heavier set than the average humanoid, it is still largely unexplained how they can consume so much food, leading to the assumption that their overly large feet must be were the rest of the food ends up.

Due to their small and unassuming nature, Halflings quite often live among other races without fear of oppression. They are a decidedly rural folk, always preferring the country side over busy city life. Above all they value hearth and home, field and farm, friend and family. Yet within every respectable halfling family lies at least one child born with an insatiable wanderlust and desire for adventure, resulting in Halflings being among the most well traveled of any race of the Third Creation.

While content to be ruled or governed by others, in Norlanin the Halfling nation of the Tindermoot is the veritable bread basket of Halfling culture. 

Age: Though half the size of your average human, Halflings live almost twice as long. It is quite common for a Halfling to reach the middle of their second century, if curiosity doesn’t get the better of them first. Halflings are typically considered adults at around 20 years of age, though they may continue to live with their families long past this age.

Size: Halflings stand little over 3 feet tall and are considered a Small race. Their proportions are similar to humans, just smaller in size, with the exception of their feet, bellies and heads, which among some can be almost as large as their human counterparts. Their average weight is around 60 to 80 pounds, though a particularly rotund male halfling could be more than that.

Physical Features: Halflings lack some of the variety of humans, particularly on the extreme ends. Their hair is almost always some shade of brown and grows in thick curls or waves (including on their feet). Side burns are commonly worn by males and even sometimes by females, but beards are very rare. Skin tones are likewise less extreme, though Halflings are well known for rosy cheeks and noses, particularly after consuming strong drink.

Languages: Halflings have a strong oral tradition and love to tell stories while gathered around a hearth or sharing a pint of ale. As such, it is uncommon for them to read or write beyond a basic level. They speak Common as well as their own Halfling language, though rarely in the presence of other races.

Affinity: Halflings have a racial affinity for all Faith Powers (+5% Critical Cast Chance)

Resistant to: Arcane (+5), Demonic (+5)

Stat Modifiers:


Racial Passive: Light of Foot, Small RaceThick Footed

Racial Secondary Skill: Cook OR First Aid OR Farmer

Initial Gold: varies by class from 121.5 to 249.8