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Second Creation

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The Second Creation is perhaps the most diverse creation. These beings of both Substance and Spirit originally inhabiting each of the Realms of Origin, and as such their forms and dispositions were adapted to survive in those environments. After the Downfall of the Third Creation, many of these beings were forced to find a new home in the Realm of Strife. Some were changed by this exile from there homes while others managed to retain the essence of what they were. While the barriers put in place by the Angels to protect and heal the Realms of Origin generally prevent beings from the Second Creation from crossing from one Realm to the next, it is not impossible. With so little now know about the Realms of Origin or those that still inhabit them, this codex provides information on the Second Creation as it is now represented in the Realm of Strife rather than its original Realm of Origin. Though in some cases there is likely little distinction.

Beings of the Second Creation are listed here from highest to lowest order, where higher order beings have a deeper or more significant connection with the Spirit of Creation, while lower order beings tend more towards the Substance of Creation: