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The Dorian Brotherhood

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The Dorian Brotherhood is a highly secretive monastic organization whose very existence is unconfirmed. They do not maintain a physical monastery, but they do live together in small communal houses once they reach the title of Monastic. These communal houses are hidden within normal society under a variety of disguises such as merchant guilds and houses of charity. Often times some of those living in the communal houses may not even be Dorian Brothers or know that they live among them.

Each of the Dorian houses throughout the Tindermoot and Leonen regularly join their minds together, through a psychic link facilitated by the House Master. This allows each of the separate houses to commune together over vast distances in a collective conscience that serves as a sort of Monastery of the Mind. During these times of collective conscience, achieved through deep meditation, the Chantor houses the collective consciousness in his own mind and the Revered Master, rumored to be Dorian himself, teaches his students.

Both the Chantor and Revered Master’s true identity are unknown to the rest of the brotherhood outside of the collective consciousness. They are an extremely secretive group, and can only identify those outside of their own house through a short range mind link, requiring some kind of physical contact such as a hand shake.