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Crafting Skills

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Crafting skills are a school of Secondary Skills that enable players to create various items, weapons and armor. These skills encompass a range of disciplines such as blacksmithing, alchemy, tailoring, and siegecraft. With the correct raw materials and recipes, these skills can be used to craft gear for yourself and your party, or as a side business during down time between adventures.

Much like occupational skills, these skills afford a particular “Lifestyle” for a player character, that can carry its own benefits and risks. When used in a contractual manner GM discretion is required to determine what is reasonable and players may be asked to make some rolls on the Risk Tables.

Crafting skills offer opportunities for creativity, personalization, and income generation while providing tangible benefits like unique items and item maintenance.


An alchemist has the knowledge and skill to create a wide variety of potions and poisons. At low levels, only the most common recipes are known, but with dedication and skill, potions of immense power can be created. Most alchemists are a secretive bunch so only a few alchemical combinations are common knowledge. The only sure way to discover more combinations is by securing a recipe. However, some Alchemists may choose to discover new recipes from existing samples or experiment by trial and error, although finding someone to drink an unknown potion can be difficult. The success of a new combination depends on the components used, the level of the Alchemist, and of course the discretion of the GM.

See the Alchemy page for more details.

Requires: Alchemy equipment


Blacksmithing gives the user the ability to repair mail or plate armor, weapons, and also at higher ranks, to craft weapons and armor. In addition, blacksmiths can make an assortment of tools and other items for retail or personal use. Smith’s tools such as an anvil and hammer, as well as a forge are required in order to make use of this skill.

See the Crafting Rules page for more details.

NOTE: The Weaponsmith and Armorsmith specializations are mutually exclusive, however, if a second Secondary Skill point is used on each skill level from Rank3 and up they can be leveled in tandem (i.e. 1st Skill point at Blacksmith Rank 3 is allocated to Armorsmith, the 2nd Skill point is allocated to Rank 3 again to unlock Weaponsmith rather than unlocking Blacksmith Rank 4. Then to unlock Rank 4 both as a Weaponsmith and Armorsmith would require another 2 skill points)

Requires: Smith’s tools and forge