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The Tindermoot is the peaceful lands of the halflings. You will find no fortified settlements or even locked doors in this land of rolling hills, bountiful farms, and pastures. The Tindermoot is governed by a democratic assembly centered in the provinces’ capital of Newhearth City and has long been on amicable terms with Leonen to the East.

However, in more recent years, the halflings of The Tindermoot fell prey to a brutal campaign of terror and subjugation at the hands of the Black Dragonflight, now known as the War for the Tindermoot. The halflings’ homeland would perhaps have been completely destroyed if not for the intervention of three allied factions: the founders of Eleutheria known as Heroes Guild, the human paladins from the Royal Order of Archons, and the high elven navy of the Solastaris Refuge.

Current Leader: Prime Minister Heplin Bellypot