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Orcrond is the true name of the barren homeland of the orcs, found on the western edge of Norlanin, typically known tothe rest of Norlanin as the Darklands. It is a harsh and inhospitable land of rocky coastlines, jagged hills, towering volcanic mountains, and desolate valleys. Few maps exist of Orcrond, and none of them would remain accurate for long as Orcrond is in a near-constant state of war. Here, countless tribes of orcs fight endlessly over limited resources, breeding rights, and all manner of grievances. Among the orcish tribes can also be found tribes of ogres and goblins, as much enemies as allies, depending on the day.

With so little fertile farmland and some of the most dangerous wildlife found anywhere in Norlanin, the land itself cannot sustain the teeming populations of the greenskin hordes. When food becomes scarce, goblin populations can be culled as a food source for their larger cousins. But while ogres have no issue eating goblins, orcs will only do so when truly desperate; much preferring to raid the lands of men and elves for food and resources. Orcrond’s raiders have gained a fearsome reputation throughout Norlanin, using their crude but effective longships to pillage coastal settlements without mercy, carrying back riches, supplies, and slaves to supplement the limited resources of their homeland.

In addition to raiding coastlines, the orcs have assaulted the lands of Tolgatha to the east for years beyond counting. Prior to the unification of Tolgatha, it has been told that the orcs and their allies held large areas of land ranging from the Darkwall to Drakenroost Mountains, and even claimed large swathes of the West Drakenzi Forest. It wasn’t until the First Patriarch-King of Tolgatha liberated Breccacia and drove the greenskin hordes west, back into Orcrond, that the resources of their homeland truly became scarce. Among the longer-standing and more civilized orc tribes, there is a deep-seated hatred for Tolgatha, whom they blame for the endless resource wars they fight against their fellow orcs. Throughout Orcrond’s tumultuous history, clever Warlords have used this hatred, along with the promise of spoils and conquest, to rally the tribes to their banners and march to war against Tolgatha through Broken Shield Pass. There can be no peace between Orcrond and Tolgatha, and crude prophecies from orc shamans and dark priests speak of a day when a great warlord will arise from Orcrond to destroy Tolgatha once and for all.

Current Governance: Tribal Supremacy