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Scroll Crafting

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Crafting Spell Scrolls

To craft spell scrolls from spirit or faith powers requires having knowledge of the spell you area attempting to craft into a scroll, as well as the Spell Scribe secondary skill. It also requires proper amount of parchment and a writing utensil, where the parchment required is equivalent to 1 page per Tier of the power.

The number of attempts that can be made each day is based on rank of Spell Scribe secondary skill (1 per rank). Other restrictions may apply based on rank. See the Spell Scribe secondary skill for more details.

If the the knowledge to craft Death scrolls ever existed in the known world, it has long since been lost. As such, Death powers cannot be made into scrolls.

Follow these steps to attempt to craft a Spell Scroll.

Step 1:

Select the spirit or faith power you wish to craft into a scroll from your list of known powers, then:

  • Subtract the corresponding amount of Spirit or HP (for Spirit powers)
  • Pass a standard Faith Difficulty roll (for Faith powers)

Step 2:

Pass an Intellect, Wisdom, or Faith test to successfully craft the spell scroll, where failure instead destroys the parchment

  • Disadvantage =  2 x Tier of the Power
  • Advantage = 1 x rank of Spell Scribe secondary skill

Using Spell Scrolls

Spell scrolls can be used simply as means of storing spells to be memorized at a later point in time, much the same as a spell book. But more often they are used as method of casting spells without having that spell memorized and/or requiring the cost.

When used in this manner, Spell Scrolls require an action or instant to use (depending on the power) but do not carry a Spirit cost or require a Faith difficulty roll, as this was already completed at the time of crafting. They do however still require a casting roll and if the scroll is a volatile power it generates the associated stacks of volatile energy.  The scroll immediately disintegrates upon use or when transcribed into a Spirit Book (i.e. Learning the power). Spell Scrolls may only be used by those with knowledge of the equivalent Tier of Spirit or Faith powers respectively.

Typically small spell scrolls (up to T5) are carried in a belt slot, regardless of whether the power they contain is an instant or action. Using an action based spell scroll from a belt slot still counts as an action. Spell scrolls that are stored in a backpack cannot be directly used, and an action must be taken to remove them from a backpack and either store them into a belt slot or equip them into a free hand. Because T6 or higher spells can’t fit on a  small scroll, they cannot be stored in a belt slot, and must be carried in a backpack or a free hand in either your primary or secondary weapon load out.