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General Rules

The following general rules apply to the Codex of Creation

Weapon Effects

Unless expressly stated in their CoC entry all enemies neglect to use the weapon effects of their equipped weapons. This is done to expedite combat and prevent GMs from getting overwhelmed with required rolls. The following weapon effects are an exception to this rule and always apply:

  • On any Applicable weapon: ThrownReachClumsy, Charge, and Ward Off
  • Shields: always get the appropriate Block value BUT cannot be used to attack (i.e. cannot use Shield Blow), with the exception of the Shield Blade
  • Bows: always count as Ranged and if not stated are assumed to have fletched arrows, though they can use upgraded arrows if stated
  • Crossbows: always count as Reload-Ranged and if not stated are assumed to have light weight bolts, though they can use upgraded bolts if stated which will also allow for Armor Piercing effects

If a GM wants an enemy to use the full extend of weapon effects they can apply the “Advanced” title to an enemy to allow this. The “Advanced” title carries an overall XP multiplier of 10% (i.e. XP x 1.1).

Craftings and Enchants

Some CoC entries will state that they crafted and/or enchanted weapons, armor and equipment. This is typically already factored into the XP value of the creature. If A GM chooses to include additional craftings or enchantments the XP of the enemy must be increased accordingly:

  • treat each crafting worth 1XP/crafting tier
  • treat each enchant worth 1XP/enchant tier

CoC Level Ups

In some causes GMs may wish to add additional levels to the creatures/enemies they include in their encounters. This is usually done to make encounters more challenging (i.e. for a ‘boss-style’ encounter). This is something only experienced GMs should attempt as it can make XP calculations very complicated. The CoC Title System is typically a much simpler method of making encounters more challenging.

If choosing to level up existing entries from the Codex of Creation, ensure that you add a global +1hit and +0.5% crit per level up. Also be sure to recalculate both the base HP (stamina x level / 2) as well as the HP dice (existing # of dice / existing level x new level). The XP value should also be recalculated if choosing to level up an existing CoC entry. Recalculate the XP BEFORE applying any titles.

Some particular categories within the Codex of Creation have additional rules and restrictions for Level Ups:


Beasts cannot gain more than 3 levels beyond the level at which they were created, and if used as pets or mounts have additional bonuses and stipulations. It is recommended that the following level-up titles are used:

Level Up TitleBase XP FactorLevelAdditional ModifiersAdditional HPIncreased Control Required for Pets/MountsAdditional Effects for Mounts
Mature+10% +1 beyond original noneStam/2 (rnd up)
+1 lvl worth of HP dice
+1 to each required Statno movement penalty for being ridden
Seasoned+20%+2 beyond orginal+1 DamageStam/2 (rnd down)
+1 lvl worth of HP dice
+2 to each required Statno movement penalty for being heavily armored
Elder+30%+3 beyond original+1 DamageStam/2 (rnd up)
+1 lvl worth of HP dice
+3 to each required Stat