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The Emladrian Collective lays claim to vast amounts of land; their ancient and sprawling empire-in-the-trees encompassing the entirety of the Emladris Forest. These long-lived wild elves make their homes in the massive trees that are as much a part of their culture as the elves themselves. They are distrustful of all other races, though they do allow some trade with their neighbors. Few maps exist that show all of the settlements in the trees of Emladria and intruders soon get impossibly lost, ending up victims of the wild beasts that share the forest with the Emladrian elves.

While they have a highly sophisticated society and culture, the elves of Emladria are still a tribal people at heart with a deep reverence for nature. As such, there are few permanent roads through their lands. The exact organization of the Collective is unknown, however, scholars agree that the isolated tribes grew to massive proportions over many thousands of years, forcing them to interact. Eventually, they formed a collective society when it became clear that tribal warfare would only decimate the forest home they all cherished. Whatever their origin might be, the Emladrian Collective is the most ancient and well-established civilization in Norlanin.

Current Governance: Tribal Collective, under First Speaker Talinara Willowynd